Information Service in Ukraine

Vyacheslav Petrov
Director Institute of Information Recording Problems
National Academy of Science of Ukraine

Dear colleagues, dear friends.

We are consolidating efforts in Ukraine to organize national information system. Components of it made in different organizations should be combined together, and then we should find one single agency. We started under the Academy of Science and introduced original system of distributing information which organically compliments the networking.

Networks are used mostly to receive, 95% of time, I can tell, but to transmit your own data takes much less time. So human being is a consumer of information and that's the philosophy of our informational system and I don't know any analogous system. We called it electronic newspaper "To everything about everything". The main idea is to transmit information on rented TV channels in coded form with special TV set - PC interface, then filtrate and decode. Our experience shows that the reliability of sending such information is 10 in minus 10 degrees.

We have created more than 40 editorial agencies for editing such information. We are transmitting all scientific information produced by all Russian institutes, technological information, distributing all information from the USA, etc. And all users of personal computers and TV set, even without the telephone line (they are in deficit), may obtain a lot of information in any point of Ukraine up to 60 Mb per day. So it is the same amount of information as in any major newspaper in the world. We guarantee fast distribution and any user can send up to 4 page of information for distribution. Figuratively speaking, Ukraine now is high tech and intellectual land on crossroads of Internet and very soon European Academic Community will be using our information on Internet. It is mostly a matter of a port.

In October with the help of Mr.Adler and INTAS financing we'll put into operation another port also internet port from our institution to Germany and by the end of the year the majority of our academic institutions will be users of this port. We are forming now another large node which will be the part of the internet network due to the activities of our friends from NATO, from the United Nations and from the Ministry of Science.

I'd like to stress that institutions in Ukraine are not hopeless and I believe that in the nearest 6 months the economic situation will improve and it will make it possible to make more steps forward in direction of forming modern computer networks and we have all technical requisites for this.

As you probably know the World Bank is allocating money for laying fiber cable through Turkey to Ukraine and it will take one and a half year. The, the traffic problem will be eliminated.

In conclusion I'd like to stress that by the end of the year we will put into operation the first portion of the national data bank of Ukraine and it will be available for all sources of the world. It will have all scientific articles published in Ukraine and this data base will be in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages. Now our institute is the first source of all scientific information in Ukraine and our information contains also legislation of Ukraine.

And what I'd like to stress especially the whole idea and technology was produced by our community and we did it at our own expense without external sources. Certainly we are in difficulty. Mr.Adler help us greatly but in order to resolve costly problems we have to get loans up to 600.000 USD. But we hope that the situation will improve and it will make it possible for us to pay the loans back. What we need is a certain degree of trust on behalf of banks for further loans.

Thank you.

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