Research computer networks in Kazakhstan

Bakhtiar Buleshev
Institute of Informatics and Control Problems
Kazakhstan Academy of Science

Dear colleagues!

In my short report I'd like to describe the situation of computer networks in Kazakhstan in general and research networks in particular.

In the frames of the activity taken by the Institute for Problems of Informatics and Management of the National Academy of Science of Kazakhstan (IPIM NAS RK) on creation and implementation of new information and network technologies on the basis of networks' system laboratory of IPIM NAS RK there was established a telecommunication node to provide for information demands of the institute.

This centre was a node of a packet-switching line IAS- NET-A (X.25) and implemented technology of ideal model of interaction of open systems. The centre provided access practically to all networks and large information centres (including VINITI, MTsNTI, GPNTB, GBL, VIMI) of the CIS states as well as foreign. Today in the republic such technology is implemented only in SPRINT netwrok.

It gave an opportunity to establish groups of highly skilled experts, to work out and implement technology of integrated access to information resources for users of all kinds of information, to establish technical base well enough for that period of time, to work out and implement programms of their own to serve users of teleinformation node.

The situation that we have today led to the fact that potential of telecommunication node is being used ineffeciently due to a number of reasons, the main of which is insufficient financing of lines and information resources.

Presently almost the only means of network interaction for our institute turns to be Relcom network whose subscriber it happens to be. Besides there is an access in guest regime to several X.25 networks such as IASNET, ROS-NET, ROSPAC using Iskra-2 line.

Many institutes of NAS RK, especially of natural sciences, are also subscribers of Relcom network.

In 1993 in the Republic there was signed an agreement and this year work on establishing Republican computer network on information exchange was started. For this purpose there was established a joint stock company "Kazinformtelecom". The founders of this joint stock company are the Ministry of Science and New Technologies of RK and a number of enterprises of Dzhezkazgan involved in mining and export of nonferrous metals. In this connection the future network will be of twofold character - first, serving for the departments of the State Institute of scientific research information of Kazakhstan (KazGosINTI) which are functioning in 19 regions of Kazakhstan, national research centres of NAS RK and second, serving for commercial users.

The work on establishment of this network is of conversed character as the trunk lines are supposed to be satellite channels using earth station of satellite link that is located on the territory of the former military range of Sary-Shagan.

In all departments of KazGosINTI it is supposed to use OC Novell Netware for Local Computer Network and UNIX as databases servers. The structure of Local Computer Network for research information centres will vary depending on demands. It is planned to enter international Internet network. To complete the work on establishment of the network is planned in 1996.

Among the networks that are developing actively recently in Kazakhstan are SprintNet. Today besides Almaty SprintNet nodes are working in other four cities of the republic. In addition to that in 1993 in Almaty there was opened SOVAMteleport node.

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