Hungarian Academic and Research Network Association

Peter Bakonyi
Executives President, Hungarnet

HUNGARNET, the Hungarian Academic and Research Network Association, has been founded 29 May 1992.

HUNGARNET aims comprising academic/research institutions (universities and other education institutions, research institutes, libraries and other public collection etc.) with respect to computer networking and network-based services.

The purpose of the Association is to provide representation of and assistance to it's members, in the framework of the National Information Infrastructure Programme, namely

At present there are more than 310 institutional members of Hungarnet. Hungarnet represent Hungary in international networking organisation like RARE, EARN, DANTE.

Hungarnet is ready and open to any meaningful international cooperation.

We are ready to exchange our experience with our Russian colleagues especially because we have several decades of experience of cooperation with Russian research organisations.

Hungary is organising the 1996 Joint European Networking Conference. We hope many Russian colleagues will participate.

To support this we are planning to organise with the help of NATO an other workshop for developing countries before the conference.

This certainly give a better chance for countries not having financial resources to send their people to have training opportunities together with participation to the JENC7 in Budapest.

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