Report on the NATO Advanced Workshop

"Research Networking in Central and Eastern Europe"

Budapest, Hungary - 20/21 October 1993

Peter Bakonyi Ph. D
Budapest Workshop Director
Hungarnet - Executive President
RARE - Member of the Executive Committee

Organized by:

Role, benefits and services of research networks

- Support research and development activities
- Testbed for new technologies
- Drive towards better commercial services
- Impact on IT development on national scale.
- Access to information
- Access to remote services
- Speed of interaction with remote partiers
- Cooperative working within large distributed group
- Sharing of expensive resources

Objective of the Workshop


Short summary of the event

Opening by
Erno Pungor -- Minister w. p. Hungary
Jean-Marie Cadiou -- Assistant Secretary General - NATO
Kees Neggers -- President - RARE
Barry O'Shea -- Head of CEC DG XIII:-C2.


Key Program points:

Important statesments by the workshop:

Concrete action plan:

Follow - up activities

  1. Project proposals:
  2. Training seminars:
  3. Connectivity planning group:
  4. Advanced Networking Workshop in Moscow - Sept. - 1994 Purpose:

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