When a Westerner hears "Siberia", images of frozen tundra and prison camps come to mind. But things are changing even in this lost region. Tundra and prison camps are still there but people go to concerts of organ music and dig ground out of pure curiosity. Information about Siberia collected on these pages contains social, cultural, historical, geographical and economic facts, experts' evaluations of Siberian markets and opinions of foreign businessmen that do business here.


Siberia is situated in the northern-central part of Asia (see map). It is known for its rich natural resources. Native population is small, the gallery of ethnographic images gives some ideas of its culture. Ancient history of this land is presented by the gallery of archeological collection. A catalog of academic publications about Siberian history and culture may be interesting for those who specialize in the area.

Economic Development
information about economic development and market infrastructure of Siberian regions and cities.
Business in Siberia
business projects and other business information.
Siberian Business Review
Other information about Siberia and subscription.
Other Internet resources in Novosibirsk.

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