Rating of Siberian Business Activity in the National Market

In Russia they still lack regional statistics on business activity and markets situation. There are no official information, and experts turn to indirect data on market relations development. One of the sources of information is unusual by international standard, yet extremely active nationwide computer network of commercial data - RELCOM. Because of lagging of communication means behind, spreading of commercial information over the computer net turned out to be the most simple and efficient way to the open market. A special behavioral stereotype has been formed: a majority of businessmen active in CIS wide market daily duplicate their commercial projects over the net. As a result, a full communication flow runs along the net (141,320 projects in the I quarter of 1995). The data have their regional features and are not bad in describing local business activity. As for the access to the computer net of commercial information, please address to the RELCOM Co executive, phone:
7-(095)-943-4735; fax: 7-(095)-198-9510, 196-4984;
E-mail: postmaster@kiae.su

Alexei Alexeev
Andrey Kiselev