Some people say Siberia is the worst place for business in the world. This may be true, but only to a limited degree. While it is true that Siberia is far from the rest of the business world and that transaction costs are high, progressive leaders are discussing how to radically reduce business costs in the modern global information economy. Internet has given Siberia a great opportunity for regional economic development as well as showing how this challenge can be overcome. Local people have begun the settlement of the virtual global market place. Today they are creating electronic offices on the Internet. Tomorrow their offices will have Internet facilities ripe for dialogue with Western partners ready for real-time long distance business partnerships. Like everything on the Internet, it will be inexpensive, thus lowering cost for Siberian transactions and making them competitive. Our strategy and hope is to take part in the cutting edge of the boundless world of information by bringing our readers together in the development of the new "global village" offered by computer and other technology. Only psychological barriers can divide us, and we intend to lessen these with the information provided in these pages and with Internet-based automated collaborative tools. We welcome you to join us in your investigation of Siberian regions. Are you ready to begin? If yes, we await you!