As the markets of Moscow and St. Petersburg become increasingly saturated with Western products, companies are searching in the Russian hinterlands to find new market opportunities. Siberia presents the greatest of these opportunities due to its great wealth and enormous population. Until now, information on this crucial region was difficult or impossible to find. To fill that void, we have designed The Siberian Business Review, a newsletter (see samples) published with the support of the USAID Business Support Center, Novosibirsk Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering and with American Business Center-Novosibirsk participation. The Siberian Business Review is now entering a new phase in its development, opening several Internet-based interactive sections which should make our information resources and experts' potential available to interested parties and lead to the further development of communication, collaboration and cooperation tools. We intend to develop our information and consulting service as interactive medium for groups of businessmen and experts who have common interests for joint activity.