The Siberian Business Review Design Samples.

First issue: Russian version

First issue:

Facts File: Physical characteristics and natural resources (Mark Bandman, Professor, Full Member of the Commission of International Geographic Science, et al.)

The National Context: Siberia is the 6th most active commercial market and the leader in the Russian raw materials market (Alexei Alexeev, Ph.D., et al.)

Siberia in the World Economy: A new partner in the transportation links between Europe and the countries of the Asia-Pacific region (Mark Bandman, Professor, Full Member of the Commission of International Geographic Science, et al.)

Economic Profile, Facts and Figures

Business Conditions in Siberia: Local business people critical of the current economic situation in Novosibirsk (Sergei Kozlov)

Opinion: "Friends of Novosibirsk" rates the city positively

Industry Profile: Siberian-based oil companies (Valerii Kryukov, Ph.D., Advisor to the Ministry of Fuel and Energy of Russian Government)

Interview: Siberia is closer now: The American Business Center in Novosibirsk

Foreign Investment: Some facts (Natalia Kravchenko, Ph.D.)

Trade Fairs and Exhibitions in Siberia, 1994 (Galina Kovalyova, Ph.D)

Second issue: Russian version

Second Issue:

History: The main reason for the development of Siberia was to capture its great wealth ( Veniamin Alexeyev, Professor, Corresponding Member of Russian Academy of Science, Director of Institute of History and Archaeology of Urals)

Siberia in the World Economy: Siberia's exporters are actively entering international trade (Galina Kovalyova, Ph.D.)

Facts File: Activity indicators (Andrei Kiselev)

Interview: A land of huge opportunities..., persistence, persistence, persistence... (Chris Tara-Browne, Siberian Development and Investment Consultants)

Profile of the Region: Omsk oblast (Galina Zhdan)

Business Conditions in Siberia: Would you consider taking part in some projects? (Victor Sokolov, Professor)

Business Travel: Novosibirsk

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