The Gallery of Archaeological Collections

A unique large scale mobile exhibition of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Siberian Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences "Archaeology and Ethnography of Northern Asia" has been demonstrated in Korea, Australia, Finland, Yugoslavia, Japan, etc. Paleontological section includes skeletons of a mammoth,
fossil elephant fossil elephant, ancient bison, 20 thousand year old mummies of a sable and a glutton found in Nizhnedinskaya. Archaelogical relics include
stone implements stone implements stone implements stone implements of primitive men, polished stone disks, spearheads, bone harpoons,
stone implements Neolithic age of Sibiria. Found in Baikal region. Bone blade knife with Stone in-laid parts (6 thousand years old).
stone implements fragments of Neolithic Ceramic vessels from Voznesenovka Village, the Amur River, Far East Russia.
figurines figurines figurines of women and birds carved of mammoth tusk. Excavations in Gornyi Altai have resulted in surprising findings related to the Scythian Epoch. Thanks to certain geological and climatic factors fragments of ancient carpets, male and female woolen clothes, unique leather,
wooden wooden wooden and golden items, decorations of
wooden horse harness in the form of mythological birds, saddles with depiction of fish and wolves, ritual wooden shields and bronze mirrors were preserved. Central in the exposition is beyond doubt a reconstruction of a noble Scythian woman burial place. The mummified body in a bright garment, her hands decorated with tattoos of mythological animals leaves a deep impression on visitors. The exhibition also includes tools, armory, pieces of art created by people of the Bronze and Iron Ages and Early Middle Ages.
stone implements sculptures of Turkish Warrior, Stone. Altai region. 700-900 A.D. Old Turklic Age.