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International Science and Education of the Joint Council on Food
and Agricultural Sciences.

The following is a publication from the American Association for the
Advancement of Science which is available through the Friends and Partners
World Wide Web server, for those of you with WWW capability or via telnet.

* Scientist to Scientist is an excellent on-line publication produced by the
  American Association for the Advancement of Science which serves as a
  clearinghouse of information on funding opportunities for scientists in
  the region of the former Soviet Union; conferences and meetings in that
  region; and general networking information for all disciplines.

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An update on the AG LINK Program:

                                 AG LINK



AgLink is a U.S. Department of Agriculture program with the goal of promoting
U.S. trade activities with those countries whose markets have only recently
become accessible to U.S. businesses.  The program provides access to the
agribusinesses of the Newly Independent States (NIS), Poland and the Baltics,
while also enhancing the entrepreneurial skills of the overseas agribusiness
managers.  AgLink establishes the initial link between small and medium-sized
U.S. businesses and comparable overseas businesses by identifying appropriate
matching firms.  The program also provides financial and administrative
support for U.S. visits to the overseas company, and for training of the
overseas manager in the U.S. company.


USDA selects and screens applicants from the overseas agribusinesses, focusing
on small and medium-sized privatized companies with "entrepreneurial" managers
or owners.  U.S. companies submit an application to USDA describing their
international interests and proposing an on-the-job training experience for
the overseas manager.  At that point, the U.S. business person visits the
manager of the counterpart company to become familiar with the overseas
business and the environment.

The U.S. agribusiness then provides two months of practical training
experiences focused on equipping the overseas manager with the skills needed
to manage a business successfully in a market economy and engage in joint
international activities.

Two follow-up activities are also provided by AgLink:  a second visit to the
overseas firm for the U.S. agribusiness six months later, and an in-country
management training course a year later.


The AgLink program provides funding for the two trips to the overseas company
by the U.S. agribusiness, tickets and a supplemental per diem for the overseas
manager for his/her stay at the U.S. company.  USDA will also make all travel
arrangements, and handle visas and health insurance for the overseas manager.
The U.S. agribusiness is responsible for providing housing for the visiting
manager during the on-the-job training.


To request an application form, you may phone or fax USDA as indicated below:

Agribusiness Linkage Program (Ag Link)
RSED/ICD/FAS, Rm. 3222
United States Department of Agriculture
Washington, DC  20250-4300

Tel. (202) 720-8877
Fax (202) 690-0892

The following information comes from a listserv affiliated with the United
Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) and dedicated to environmental issues in
Central and Eastern Europe, infoterra@cedar.univie.ac.at:
>        A selection of publications prepared by the OECD Centre for
> Co-operation with Economies in Transition:
> Short-Term Economic Indicators - Transition Economies
>        This quarterly publication presents a wide range of monthly,
> quarterly and annual economic indicators covering such topics as
> industrial production, construction, employment, earnings, prices,
> domestic and foreign finance, interest rates and domestic and foreign
> trade for the following 20 transition countries: Bulgaria, Czech
> Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovak
> Republic, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic,
> Republic of Moldova, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,
> Ukraine, Uzbekistan.
>        A yearly Sources and Definitions supplement, outlining
> methodologies and definitions behind the indicators published in the
> quarterly bulletin, is included in the subscription price.  Comparative
> methodological tables underline differences in indicators from one
> country to another.
> * Bilingual, ISSN 1019-9829
> 1995 Subscription:
> France: FF 140  Other countries: FF 160  US$ 30  DM 57
> Price per Issue :
> France: FF 45  Other countries: FF 60  US$ 10  DM 17
> Also available on diskette
> 1995 diskette Subscription:
> FF 2 500    US$ 455   DM 755
> Historical data (1980-89) available separately for:
> FF 800   US$ 145   DM 240
> Trends and Policies in Privatisation
>        This publication provides twice yearly reviews of recent
> developments in privatisation and a comparative analysis of experiences
> in Central and Eastern European countries and the New Independent States
> of the former Soviet Union.  Privatisation is a key element of
> structural reform.  The ambitious programmes launched in these countries
> are unprecedented and, because of their difficulties and possible
> repercussions, reliable data and analyses of developments is vital for
> their success.
>        This publication also addresses specific privatisation topics and
> takes an interdisciplinary approach bringing legal, economic and
> organisational aspects all within its scope.
> * Bilingual, ISSN 1021-3287
> 1995 Subscription:
> France: FF 160  Other countries: FF 175  US$ 32  DM 58
> Price per Issue :
> France: FF 100  Other countries: FF 130  US$ 22  DM 39
> National Accounts for Hungary, Sources, Methods and Estimates, released
> in September 1994, was produced in co-operation with the Hungarian
> Central Statistical Office.  The objective was to document and improve
> the methodology whereby estimates of national income according to the
> international standards of the System of National Accounts are produced.
> The publications traces the development of the Hungarian National
> Accounts then describes how production accounts, generation,
> distribution and use of income accounts and capital accounts were
> compiled for the period 1988-91, indicating where and how the methods
> used deviate from international standards.  Forthcoming developments of
> the Hungarian National Accounts are also discussed.  Detailed tables
> accompany the methodological explanations.
> * ISBN 92-64-14229-0
> France: FF 190  Other countries: FF 250  US$ 45  DM 75
> National Accounts for the Former Soviet Union, Sources, Methods and
> Estimates was published in early 1993, the result of co-operation with
> the Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States.
> The objective was to develop a methodology whereby estimates of national
> income according to the international standards of the System of
> National Accounts could be produced using the detailed data in a planned
> economy together with supplementary data and estimates where
> appropriate.  The publication describes how production accounts,
> generation, distribution and use of income accounts and capital accounts
> were developed for the whole of the USSR for the years 1988, 1989 and
> 1990.  Detailed tables accompany the methodological explanations.   The
> approach adopted here has become the basis of the national accounts
> estimates being produced by the countries of the CIS.
> * ISBN 92-64-13856-0
> France: FF 150  Other countries: FF 200  US$ 35  DM 60
> Selective Subscription to monographs
> All OECD publications can be purchased individually, but the OECD offers
> the possibility to subscribe to all monographs on "Central and Eastern
> European Countries and the Newly Independant States". You will receive
> directly upon publication, postage free, books on Economic analysis,
> Energy, Environment, Employment, Industry, Agriculture, Transport,
> Education, Taxation, Trade, etc., that are directly relevant to these
> countries.
> As an example, the following titles, among others, are included in the
> 1994 subscription:
>        - Unemployment in Transition Countries, Transient or persistent
>        - Industry in the Czech and Slovak Republics
>        - Corporate Bankruptcy and Reorganisation procedures in OECD and
>          Central and Eastern countries
>        - Barriers to Trade with Economies in Transition
>        - Review of Agricultural Policies : Hungary
>        For Information    20 titles were published in this selection in
> 1993 at a total cost of:
>        France: FF 2930  Other countries FF 3825  US$ 694  DM 1 201
> ________________________________________________________________________
> These books and diskettes can be ordered from:
> OECD Publications Service
> 2, rue Andre-Pascal
> 75775 Paris Cedex 16
> Fax--book orders:     (33 1) 49 10 42 76
> Fax--diskette orders: (33 1) 49 10 42 99
> OECD Publications and Information Centre
> 2001 L Street N.W., Suite 700
> Washington DC 20036-4910
> Fax: (1-202) 785-0350
> Renouf Publishing Company Ltd.
> 1294 Algoma Road
> Ottawa, ON K1B 3W8
> Fax: (1-613) 741-5439
> ______________________________________________________________________
> General Publications catalogue, Periodical publications catalogue,
> Electronic Editions catalogue and Quarterly supplements "New
> Publications" are available free of charge on request adressed to the
> OECD or to one of the OECD Distributors.