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The Russian Agricultural Listserv is sponsored by the University of 
Maryland College of Agriculture at College Park, the Research and 
Scientific Exchanges Division, Foreign Agriculture Service/International 
Cooperation and Development, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the 
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Council on Food and Agricultural Sciences.

The following three information bits are from Kompass Resources International's
October Environmental Cooperation Bulletin:

--The National Research Council is accepting proposals which support
collaborative research between US Specialists and their FSU and Central
and East European counterparts in fields of public policy requiring substantial
applied sciences input.  Agriculture, energy, environmental studies, industrial
policy, public health, research management, and science policy are the relevant
fields.  Applicants must hold a PhD or equivalent, be pursuing a
research/teaching career, be affiliated with an educational or research
institution in the US, and have existing contacts in the FSU/CEE with
researchers and/or institutions. APPLICATION DEADLINES ARE OCTOBER 28, 1994
(1st Cycle) and March 10, 1995 (2nd Cycle).  Contact:  Ms. Kelly Robbins,
Office for Central Europe and Eurasia (F02014), Attn: CRSP, National Research
Council, 2101 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20418, tel.
202-334-2644, fax 202-334-2614, e-mail 

--The World Bank is considering a $41.9 million project in forestry
development for Belarus.  The project would support forestry sector
restructuring aimed at improving natural resource management and increasing
forestry output.  The implementing agency in Belarus is the Ministry of
Forestry.  Contact: Brian Berman, tel. 202-423-7166.

--The US Department of Commerce is assembling a directory of technical
assistance programs in Ukraine, with a focus on the Kiev, Kharkiv,
Dnipropetrovsk and Lviv areas.  Assistance programs covered will include
agriculture and food support, economic and market development, trade
promotion and development, education and training, health care, housing,
energy, environment, transportation, media, political and legal reform,
and local and regional government programs.  Contact:  Maurice Cook, US Dept of
Commerce, Bureau of Export Administration, 14th and Constitution Ave., NW,
Washington, DC 20230, tel. 202-482-3650, fax 202-482-5660.

The next piece was distributed on the listserv DEVEL-L on September 19 and was
posted for redistribution :

2020 NEWS & VIEWS is now accessible via Internet Gopher and e-mail.

2020 NEWS & VIEWS is a bimonthly newsletter produced by "A 2020 Vision
for Food, Agriculture and the Environment," an initiative of the
Washington, D.C.-based International Food Policy Research Institute
(IFPRI).  The 2020 Vision initiative seeks to identify solutions for
meeting future world food needs while reducing poverty and protecting
the environment.  The initiative will convene an international
conference in June of 1995 to set priorities for meeting the world's
food needs by the year 2020 and beyond.

NEWS & VIEWS seeks to stimulate dialogue on the divergent schools of
thought about the interrelated issues of food security, population
growth, and environmental degradation, and to inform readers of the
progress of the 2020 Vision initiative.

2020 via Gopher -  

To access 2020 NEWS & VIEWS, telnet to
GOPHER.CGNET.COM.  The user id is GOPHER and the
password is GUEST.  Select "CGIAR news and
information" then "2020 News & Views Newsletter".

2020 via e-mail -  

To subscribe to the 2020 NEWS & VIEWS distribution
list send the following message to

subscribe 2020-NEWS 

Where  is your name in real life (not
your user name).  The 2020 Newsletter will be
distributed bimonthly.  Back issues are also


The next three messages are agriculture-related pieces sent to the Friends and
Partners Listserv, which is run out of Knoxville Tennessee and Pushchino,
Russia.  The first is  from the F&P Daily Digest for October 06, 1994:

Sender:  Art Korvel <74537.3032@compuserve.com>
Subject: Looking for representative

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are an Import and Export Management Company and we specialize in products
such as canned fruit, canned vegetables, fruit juice, and juice concentrates.
For the last five years we tried to find a serious business partners who would
represent our company's interests in CIS and Baltics.  For some reason it seems
that it is very hard to find businesses who are willing to work in order to
establish a long term relationship instead of trying to hit a home run.  There
must be some companies that have a knowledge of trade and would be interested
in future growth of their companies.

If anyone can give us some recommendations or forward our company's information
to serious people, your help would be greatly appreciated.

KS Enterprises International
1117 - 21st Street, Suite 2
Santa Monica, CA 90403
Tel.: (310)828-9404
Fax: (310)453-3524

Thanks in advance.

KS Enterprises International
Art Korvel

The next two messages were sent to F&P and distributed in the Digest for
September 20, 1994

Sender:  "Larry Dershem" 
Subject: Standardized Depression Scales

 A collaborative research effort by an institute in the Russian Academy of
Sciences and the Dept. of Rural Sociology at the University of Missouri-
Columbia have been studying the changes in rural life in the former Soviet
Union since 1990. Currently we are studying three kolkhozy in Russia. One
component of the research effort is the attempt to measure the impact of
the current changes occurring in Russia on the mental well-being of rural
 We would appreciate any leads in to standardized depression scales, developed
and used in the former Soviet Union, or Russia for a general population.

 We would appreciate any suggestions and information!
Thank you.
Larry Dershem


Sender:  "Jim Cashel" 
Subject: Request from Kalmykia

Kalmykia is an autonomous republic in the Russian Federation located
south of Volgograd and east of Stavropol Krai.  The President of
Kalmykia, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov is a young, business-oriented leader
attempting to effect reform in his nation.  I received the following
letter (by fax) requesting assistance, particularly with respect to
academic training and internships for students in Kalmykia.  Please
forward this message to anyone who might be interested to assist.
Thank you.

Jim Cashel
Eurasia Foundation


Mr. Jim Cashel
Senior Officer
1527 New Hampshire Avenue, NW
Washington, DC  20036-1206

Dear Sir:

Republic of Kalmykia - which is one of the Republics constituting
the Russian Federation and is also the most advanced in its efforts to
revitalize the economy among its sister-republics - is experiencing
the urgent need in knowledgeable and well trained young specialists.
We are now examining the possibilities of educating our young men and
women who will implement to life the market reforms and Western-type
democratization in Kalmykia in the academic facilities and companies
abroad, especially in the US.

What we have received from our communist predecessors is economic
chaos and the lack of vitally needed funds, what makes the whole
effort almost impossible.  We would highly appreciate your assistance
and advice in locating the sponsors - Federal or private - willing to
finance a group of approximately 20 students from Kalmykia.  The most
needed specializations are: Agricultural production, Law Enforcement,
Health care, Communication.  We presume that they will all need
efficient training in English first.  The students could enter BA or
MA or MBA programs.  Young specialists could enter up to 1-year-long
training programs with American companies.

I'm looking forward to hear from your esteemed foundation soon and
appreciate your time and consideration.  If you need any additional
information or need to contact me, please call Michael Kolesnichenko
or Dimitri Klimentov at ITAR-TASS USA, Inc., in New York.  Their phone
number is (212) 664-0977, fax (212) 245-4035.


Kirsan Ilyumzhinov
President of Kalmykia