Did You Know--October 2, 1994

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Dear RUSAG-L readers,

Sorry these messages have been rather sporadic lately.  Various other
commitments prevent me from sending the RUSAG List messages as often as I
would like.  I'll do my best keep you all informed with what news I hear.
Thanks for your patience.

Beth Gerard
RUSAG-L Management
University of Maryland at College Park

Kompass Resources noted the following in its September 1994 "Environmental
Cooperation Bulletin":

The World Bank is considering agricultural projects in both Belarus and
Lithuania.  The Belarus project would involve US$75 million for the
Agriculture Reform Support Project, a project directed toward the
restructuring of farm and agricultural production.  Agriculture Reform Support
Project contact:  Mr. Brian Berman, Task Manager, tel. 202- 473-7166, fax
202-522-0073.  The project the World Bank is preparing in Lithuania would
involve US$30 million for the Agriculture project, a project directed toward
reform and restructuring in agriculture and forestry through promotion of
investment and policy reform.  The Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture would be
the implementing agency.  Agriculture project contact:  Ms. Hoonae Kim, Task
Manager, tel. 202-473- 2550, fax 202-522-0073.

The following information is a message which was sent to the Friends and
Partners Listserv on September 6, 1994:

Sender: bboswell@aaas.org (BBOSWELL)
Subject: Post announcement on Friends and Partners

I would like to post the following announcement on F&P. Thank you.

"Subject: Clearinghouse publication for scientists

The Project on Europe and the Countries of the Former Soviet Union (EFSU) 
of the American Association for the Advancement for Science has been publishing
a newsletter over the past two years, "Scientist to Scientist," which serves
as a clearinghouse of information on funding opportunities for scientists in
the region of the former Soviet Union; conferences and meetings in that
region;  and general networking information for all disciplines. This
newsletter is now a lso available at the AAAS gopher site (aaas.org).
Individuals or organizations  in both the U.S. and in countries of the FSU are
encouraged to submit suitable information for publication. Also, subscription
to "Scientist to Scientist"  is free of charge.

For more information, or to subscribe to the bulletin, please contact:

Beth Boswell
Project Coordinator
EFSU Project
1333 H Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20005
fax: (202) 289-4958
Internet: bboswell@aaas.org