Did You Know?  June 28, 1994

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Below are messages on mapping services which were distributed on 2 other
listservs, both of which deal with issues of the former Soviet Union, although
not specifically agricultural issues.  The first message is from the Russian
TeX and Cyrillic processing listserv.  The second is from the Friends &
Partners listserv.  Thanks to both of the above for allowing our readers the
opportunity to view this information.

Message # 1:
Date:         Mon, 16 May 1994 23:11:00 -0400
From: Four One 
Organization: Data Tech Canada - (519) 473-7685
Subject:      Russian Maps?

(please disregard if not interested in Russian Maps, I am posting this
in the off chance that some readers may not have seen my posting
elsewhere, and may find the material to be of interest. R.E.)

This is a final plea for information.

You may be aware, through the wonders of the internet, that the
Cartographic Division of Four One Company Ltd. in London, Canada currently
offers a comprehensive catalogue of:

                MAPS & ATLASES OF THE EX-USSR,
                even GREAT BRITAIN, USA & CANADA (Russian maps!)

featuring a variety of hard-to-find city plans, topographic maps (both
secret military and civilian issues) ranging from 1:1,000,000 right down to
1:10,000 scales, tourist maps and guides as well as a number of different
thematic maps and atlases.

In order to assist me in ensuring that our upcoming Catalogue #5 reaches
people interested in the material, I am now compiling and updating my mailing
list. If you would like to receive a copy of our next catalogue, would you
please email me your mailing address and your contact phone/fax number(s) as
soon as possible. If you would prefer to receive a catalogue over the internet,
I would be happy to supply that instead.

Also, if it is not too much trouble, could you help me out with
circulating this message to other locations where it may have some relevance? I
am rather new to the net and have to admit that IUm a bit overwhelmed by the
complexity of it all.

Thank you very much for your cooperation. IUm looking forward to hearing
from you.

Yours very truly,

RANDAL EASTMAN          (randal.eastman@dt-can.com)
Four One Company Ltd.   (four.one@dt-can.com)
v:(519)433-1351         f:(519)433-5903

--Supplying rare & hard-to-find maps of the former Soviet Union--

Message #2:
Sender: JTASCH@vax.clarku.edu
Subject: Maps from the FSU


A friend and I are both pursuing Ph.D.Us in Geography at Clark University.  We
have been trying to track down reliable and contemporary maps of the FSU.
After much sleuthing, we have found what appears to be just what we have been
looking for.  As it has taken us much phone calls and research, we thought we
might be able to save others some time and hassle by sharing the connections we
have formed.

We have access to the following organizations and the following maps:

Komarov Botanical Institute
     Vegetation of the European part of the FSU (southern parts of St.
     Petersburg, Vologda, Yaroslavl and Novgorod; parts of Kalinin, Pskov,
     Moscow, Vladimir, Kostrama, Ivanovo, Kirov, Udmurtia, Komi, Marii-yel,
     Tatarstan, Perm, and Smolensk Oblasts; the western part of the Nenets
     NatUl Okrug.)

Geobotanical Map of Central European Russia

Vegetation Map of Central Kazakhstan

Scientific Research Cartography Laboratory, Geography Department, MSU
     Erosional dangerous lands of the European part of FSU
     Soil map of the FSU
     Natural fee lands of the FSU
     Climate regionalization of the FSU
     Types of settlements of the FSU
     Ecological-geographical map of Russia

Apparently it is also possible to obtain regional maps from atlases of the NIS,
as well as Krai, and oblast scale maps.

If this information is useful and/or you have other questions, please contact
either of us at the following e-mail addresses:

Dmitry Varlyguin                                  Jeremy Tasch
DVarlyguin@vax.clarku.edu                         JTASCH@vax.clarku.edu

(p.s. Anybody out there have access to digitized map data of Russia, especially
Siberia?  Administrative boundaries, land cover, so forth?)