Did You Know?  June 23, 1994

The Russian Agricultural Listserv is sponsored by the University
of Maryland College of Agriculture at College Park, the Research
and Scientific Exchanges Division, Foreign Agriculture
Service/International Cooperation and Development, U.S.
Department of Agriculture, and the National Committee on
International Science and Education of the Joint Council on Food
and Agricultural Sciences.

Kompass Resources International is a small non-profit
organization in Washington, DC which facilitates international
exchange projects, focusing on the New Independent States (NIS),
the Baltic nations and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).  Kompass
specializes in education, environment and health issues, with a
view to facilitating long-term sustainable development in these
areas.  The precursor to Kompass was known as the Organization
for American-Soviet Exchanges (OASES) and was established in 1985
to facilitate mutually beneficial exchanges between the US and
the USSR.  After the dissolution of the USSR, the organization
changed its name to Kompass Resources International as its
mission expanded to include services for American and Central and
East European exchanges and the opening of a Moscow office.

For organizations with activities in the New Independent States
and Central and Eastern Europe, Kompass offers a range of project
support services:  1) technical assistance in the area of
microcomputer support and training, 2) multilingual education and
communications assistance through the identification and hire of
professional language specialists, and 3) logistical support
through arrangements for least-cost international flights, ground
transport, hotel accommodations, visa assistance, traveler's
medical insurance, international electronic mail, fax, document
and freight delivery, etc.  Kompass has collaborated with a large
number of organizations, including such groups as World Bank,
Sierra Club, the US Forest Service, the US Parks Service, US
Department of State, US Agency for International Development,
AT&T, Peat Marwick, and many others.

Of their current projects, potentially the most interesting for
e-mail enthusiasts and agriculturalists is Kompass' monthly
electronic publication entitled, -Environmental Cooperation
Bulletin-.  Anyone with e-mail can subscribe to this publication
which outlines current US assistance in the environmental field
to the New Independent States and Central and Eastern Europe.
Kompass is hopeful that the US Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) will take over funding for this publication in the near
future.  Future plans for the publication also include its
translation into Russian by the Socio-Ecological Union, a grass-
roots environmental group in Russia.  A copy of the June issue is
appended below.  Kompass' other environmental activities at the
present time include:

---Support to the US-NIS Agreement on Cooperation in the Field of
Environmental Protection and on-going environmental projects in
CEE through a Cooperative Agreement with EPA
---Forest-to-forest "twinning" between four American and Russian
forests with two reciprocal exchanges to demonstrate sustainable
forest management, funded by US Forest Service
---Arctic and Sub-Arctic technical assistance funded by the US
Department of State
---the -Environmental Directory of Newly Independent States and
Baltic States-, a listing of almost 1,000 academic,
governmenntal, and non-governmental groups active in
environmental protection in the NIS and Baltics

For further information, contact Kompass Resources International
at kri@igc.apc.org or tel. 202-332-1145.




June 1994 - Volume 2, Issue 8


I.    Calendar of Upcoming Events, Meetings and Activities

II.   News Briefs on Environmental Projects by Country

                    * CALENDAR *

June 1-June 24, 1994 (continued from April 29). Two remote
sensing specialists from the Institute of Evolutionary Animal
Morphology and Ecology in Moscow will travel to Anchorage,
Alaska for continued joint work on the classification of sea ice
imagery and tundra habitat. Dr. G.I. Belchanskiy and Mr. G.
Ovchinnikov will also travel to Fairbanks to attend a
professional conference. The Russian side provides ALMAZ
satellite data for this project under Area V of the U.S.-Russia
Environmental Agreement.  Contact:  David Douglas, National
Biological Survey, tel. (907) 786-3473.

June 1-September 20, 1994 (continued from April 28).  Julie
Edlund will travel to Russia to conduct a second year of
seabird field studies with Russian colleagues in Magadan
oblast.  Contact:  Scott Hatch, National Biological Survey, tel.
(907) 786-3529.

June 1-June 9, 1994 (continued from May 12).  A Russian
delegation from Far Eastern nature reserves will visit Izembek
and Kodiak National Wildlife Refuges, Alaska, under the
Aleutian chain biodiversity project of Area V of the
U.S.-Russia Environmental Agreement.  Contact:  Fred
Zeillemaker, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, tel.
(907) 532-2445.

June 1-mid June, 1994 (continued from mid-May).  Anvar
Buzurukov, Vice President of the Socio-Ecological Union of
the Tajikistan Republic, is visiting the U.S. to study national
parks in Colorado, Utah and Alaska.  The visit is hosted by
national parks consultant James Thompson and is within the
framework of the ISAR Fellowship Program.  Contact:  Eliza
Klose, ISAR, tel. (202) 387-3034, fax (202) 667-3291, or e-
mail , or James Thompson, tel.
(303) 586-6309.

June 1-June 17, 1994 (continued from May 17).  A National
Biological Survey (NBS) delegation from the Environmental
Science and Technology Center in Fort Collins, Colorado will
visit Yakutsk, Nalchik and Pereslavl-Zalessky, Russia and
Tashkent, Uzbekistan to perform upgrades and repairs to
aerometric stations and collect vegetation and surface water
samples for analysis.  This ongoing effort, "The Impact of
Global Environmental Change Using Paired Ecosystems in
North America and Russia," is a new addition to Area V of the
U.S.-Russia Environmental Agreement.  Contact:  Al Riebau,
NBS, tel. (303) 491-1036.

June 1-June 17, 1994 (continued from May 28).  The National
Fisheries Contaminant Research Center (Columbia, Missouri)
and the Institute of Biology of Inland Waters (Borok, Russia)
will continue research on mettalothionein induction in fishes
exposed to metals in the Rybinsk Reservoir.  This is a field
component of research begun in 1993 with the visit of a
Russian scientist to the U.S. to conduct exposures of fish to
metals in the laboratory.  The project investigates the
physiological and morphological characteristics of fishes as
indicators of water quality.  Contact:  Denny Buckler, National
Biological Survey, tel. (314) 875-5399.

June 1-June 28, 1994 (continued from May 31).  Lance
Kuester will travel to Albania to work with Albania's
Committee of Environmental Preservation and Protection to
develop strategies for the restoration and management of
degraded wetland systems.  Travel is sponsored by Volunteers
in Overseas Cooperative Assistance (VOCA).  Contact:  Lance
Kuester, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, tel. (612) 253-4682.

June 1-July 17, 1994.  William Seegar, Thomas Maechtle and
Michael Yates will travel to the Kola Peninsula to continue a
joint raptor research study.  Contact: William Seegar, U.S.
Army Edgewood Research Development and Engineering
Center, tel. (410) 671-2586.

June 1-August 1, 1994 (continued from May 23).  John
Pearce, David Boyd and Dan Esler (National Biological
Survey, Alaska) will travel to Sakha (Yakutia) to continue eider
duck surveys begun in 1993 on the Indigirka delta to estimate
numbers and distribution, and to continue studies of nesting
birds.  Cooperation is with the Yakutsk Institute of Biology
under Area V of the U.S.-Russia Environmental Agreement.
Contact:  Dan Esler, tel. (907) 786-3485.

June 4-12, 1994.   Four ecological activists from Severodvinsk,
Russia, which contains the largest nuclear submarine shipyard
in the world, will be visiting Portsmouth, New Hampshire, the
site of a U.S. nuclear shipyard, for a week of meetings to
discuss their cities' mutual challenges of defense conversion,
military, environmental, and radiation problems, civil-military
relations, and access to information.  The Severodvinsk
delegation includes the former head of the city Soviet, a
forester, a radiation safety specialist from the plant, and a
reporter from the town's newspaper.  Contact:  Josh Handler,
Greenpeace, tel. (202) 319-2516, fax
(202) 462-4507, or e-mail 

June 5-18, 1994.  Dr. Evgeniy Artukhin of the Russian
Fisheries Directorate Central Laboratory in St. Petersburg will
visit the U.S. for familiarization with U.S. facilities and culture
techniques for sturgeon.  Dr. Artukhin may return to Russia
with biological specimens such as 3-5 live Gulf sturgeon and
cryopreserved sperm from U.S. sturgeon species. The exchange
is under Area V of the U.S.-Russia Environmental Agreement.
Contact:  James Weaver, National Biological Survey,
tel. (904) 378-8181.

June 7-24, 1994.  A Russian delegation from Kronotskiy
Nature Reserve, Kamchatka, and the Director of the
Commander Islands Nature Reserve will visit Izembek and
Kodiak National Wildlife Refuges, Alaska, under the Aleutian
chain biodiversity project of Area V of the U.S.-Russia
Environmental Agreement.  Contact:  Leslie Kerr, U.S. Fish
and Wildlife Service, tel. (907) 786-3502.

June 8-10, 1994.  The Northern Women, Northern Lives
International Conference on Women in the Circumpolar North
will take place at the University of Alaska at Fairbanks.
Topics of discussion will include environmental issues.
Contact:  Beverly McClintock, Northern Studies Graduate
Program, 601A Gruening Building, University of Alaska
Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK 99775, tel. (907) 451-7421, fax
(907) 451-7396, or e-mail 

June 8-22, 1994.  A Russian marine mammals specialist will
take part in aerial surveys of Steller sea lions in southeast
Alaska.  The work is conducted under Area V of the
U.S.-Russia Environmental Agreement.  Contact:  Robert
Miller, National Marine Fisheries Service, tel. (206) 526-4048.

June 11-July 8, 1994.  A protected natural areas seminar for
Russian nature reserve staff and Russian military land
managers will be held at Washington and Lee University in
Lexington, Virginia.  Following the seminar, participants will
be divided into small groups to visit National Wildlife Refuges
and military installations throughout the U.S. to discuss
management policy and address real-world issues at those sites.
The 24 Russian and 3 Mongolian participants will present their
findings to the group at a closing session in Washington, D.C.
Funding is provided by the U.S. Department of Defense
Legacy Resource Management Program.  Contact:  Steven
Kohl, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, tel. (703) 358-1762 or e-

June 13-17, 1994.  The GIS/LIS '94 CENTRAL EUROPE
BUILDING LINKAGES international conference and
exhibition on geographic information systems/land information
systems will be held in Budapest, Hungary.  Contact:  GIS/LIS
'94, Central Europe, International Secretariat, P.O. Box 5738,
Bethesda, MD 20814, tel. (301) 951-0480, or
fax (301) 951-0499.

June 13-18, 1994.  The Fifth Annual Symposium on
Environmental and Occupational Health in Central and Eastern
Europe will take place in Nitra, Slovakia.  The theme for this
year's symposium will be "Healthy Work, Healthy
Environment:  Strategies for the Future."  The symposium's
local sponsor is the Institute of Preventive and Clinical
Medicine of Bratislava, Slovakia.  Contact:  Mary Firestone,
JSI Center for Environmental Health Studies, 210 Lincoln
Street, Boston, MA 02111, tel. (617) 482-9485, fax
(617) 482-0617, or e-mail 

RESOURCES CENTER (PERC) is seeking applicants from the
Newly Independent States for its Environmental Law Fellows
Program, which provides up to three months training in
environmental advocacy.  Applicants must be lawyers and
proficient English-speakers.  Contact:  tel. (415) 332-8200, fax
(415) 332-8167, or e-mail 

Late June, 1994.  Konstantin Ryabchihin, director of Lawyers
for the Environment in St. Petersburg, will travel to the U.S.
for discussions hosted by the Natural Resources Defense
Council (NRDC).  Contact:  Kristin Suokko, NRDC, tel.
(202) 624-9355.

June 18-July 23, 1994.  Staff of the Institute of Evolutionary
Animal Morphology and Ecology, the Institute of Geography,
and Caucasus State Nature Reserve will continue joint soil and
watershed monitoring studies at Hubbard Brook Biosphere
Reserve in New Hampshire.  Coweeta Biosphere Reserve in
Georgia will also be visited.  Joint work in determining levels
of atmospheric contaminants in mosses and lichens will be
conducted at the University of Maine, Orono.  Cooperation is
under Area V of the U.S.-Russia Environmental Agreement.
Contact:  Ray Hermann, National Biological Survey, tel.
(303) 491-7825.

June 19-July 3, 1994.  A three-person Russian delegation will
visit the U.S. for familiarization with freshwater and marine
fisheries management, law enforcement, research, information
transfer, and administration.  The exchange is under Area V of
the U.S.-Russia Environmental Agreement.  Contact:  James
Weaver, National Biological Survey, tel. (904) 378-8181.

June 20-July 10, 1994.  Bill Eldridge and Jack Hodges (U.S.
Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska) will participate in joint
aerial waterfowl surveys with Russian biologists over the
Chukotka Peninsula and Sakha (Yakutia) west to the Lena
delta.  Cooperation is under Area V of the U.S.-Russia
Environmental Agreement.  Contact: Bill Eldridge, tel.
(907) 786-3460.

June 20-August 15, 1994.  Vivian Mendenhall (U.S. Fish and
Wildlife Service, Alaska) will travel to Magadan to assist the
Institute of Biological Problems of the North in locating and
censusing seabird colonies, and to consult on entering colony
data in the joint Beringian Seabird Colony Catalog database.
Cooperation is under Area V of the U.S.-Russia Environmental
Agreement.  Contact:  Vivian Mendenhall, tel. (907) 786-3517.

June 22-23, 1994.  The Gore-Chernomyrdin Commission will
meet in Washington, D.C. to continue discussions on
cooperation between Russia and the U.S. in the environmental
field.  Contact:  Gary Waxmonsky, USEPA, tel.
(202) 260-8420.

June 22-24, 1994.   Tri-Valley CAREs of Livermore and
Dront of Nizhny Novgorod will host a seminar entitled
"Russian-American Seminar on the Conversion of Nuclear
Weapons Laboratories" in Nizhny Novgorod.  The event will
include citizen organizations and independent experts from
around the two major US nuclear weapons labs at Livermore
and Los Alamos and the two principal Russian nuclear
weapons labs at Chelyabinsk-70 and Arzamas-16.  The seminar
will cover three topic areas:  a) cleanup (and related
environmental issues), b) conversion, and c) citizen action to
achieve cleanup and conversion at nuclear weapons design
laboratories.  ISAR/USAID provided funding for this event.
Contact:  Marylia Kelly, Tri-Valley CAREs, e-mail
 or Erin Barry. e-mail

June 22-July 6, 1994.  One Russian specialist will participate
in vessel surveys of Steller sea lion pups in SE Alaska.
Cooperation is under Area V of the U.S.-Russia Environmental
Agreement.  Contact:  Robert Miller, National Marine Fisheries
Service, tel. (206) 526-4048.

June 23-July 27, 1994.  Representatives of the Central
Siberian Botanical Garden, Kemerovo University Herbarium,
and Altai University Botanical Garden will visit New England
to study and collect plants in aquatic and wetland
environments.  A U.S. delegation visited Siberia in 1993.
Financial assistance for this project has been provided by the
National Geographic Society.  Cooperation is under Area V of
the U.S.-Russia Environmental Agreement.  Contact:  Garrett
Crow, University of New Hampshire, tel. (603) 862-3865.

June 24-July 3, 1994.  The GLOBAL FORUM '94, CITIES
Manchester, England, will follow up on the '92 Global Forum
held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  The outcome of Global Forum's
'94's core meeting, "Cities and Partnership," will be submitted
to the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development
to assist its deliberations on urban issues.  Contact:  Global
Forum '94, Eastgate, Castle Street, Castlefield, Manchester
M34LZ, United Kingdom.  tel. (44-61) 234-3741, fax (44-61)
234-3743, e-mail ; Greennet
; Internet 
x400: c = de; a = dbp; p = geonet; o = gf94; ou = centre

June 27-July 22, 1994.  Dean Biggins of the National Ecology
Research Center in Fort Collins, Colorado will travel to
Barnaul for comparative studies of the steppe polecat (Russia)
and black-footed ferret (U.S.).  Foxes and polecats will be
radio-collared to compare their daily activity cycles as part of
an investigation of polecat ecology and predator avoidance.
Contact:  Dean Biggins, National Biological Survey, tel.
(303) 226-9467.

July 6-July 23, 1994.  A U.S. delegation comprised of staff of
Izembek National Wildlife Refuge and Kodiak NWR will visit
Kronotskiy Nature Reserve, Kamchatka to participate in
ongoing wildlife census work, with the goal of coordinating
wildlife and habitat assessment techniques that will allow
biological trends to be identified and predicted for the northern
Bering Sea basin.  Contact:  Christian Dau, U.S. Fish and
Wildlife Service tel. (907) 532-2445.

July 7-August 8, 1994.  Robert Gill of the Alaska Fish and
Wildlife Research Center will participate in one leg of a
Russia-sponsored ship-based ornithological expedition that will
travel the entire Russian Arctic coast.  Contact:  Robert Gill,
National Biological Survey, tel. (907) 786-3514.

July 8-August 12, 1994.  Nikolai Poyarkov of the Bird
Banding and Ringing Center, Moscow, will assist in ongoing
duck and goose breeding and brood rearing biology, as well as
banding of white-fronted geese, cackling Canada geese, and
black brant at the Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge,
Alaska.  Dr. Poyarkov will become familiar with study
methods and data collection and analysis techniques that he
may apply to cooperative breeding biology studies of waterfowl
on the Chukotka Peninsula.  Contact:  Bill Eldridge, U.S. Fish
and Wildlife Service, tel. (907) 786-3460.

July 9-mid August, 1994.  A three-member delegation visits
Wrangel Island, Russia to continue research on the occurrence
and impact of avian cholera on Wrangel Island snow geese,
assess their role as carriers of the disease, and conduct field
trials of the efficacy of an avian cholera bacterin developed at
the National Wildlife Health Research Center (Madison,
Wisconsin).  The Russian side has proposed that this work also
include blood protein studies and DNA analyses.  Contact:
Mike Samuel, National Biological Survey, tel. (608) 271-4640.

July 21-August 24, 1994.  The vessel "NOAA Surveyor" will
conduct population surveys of right whales, bowhead whales,
and western gray whales in the Okhotsk Sea and waters around
Kamchatka and Northern Kurils together with Russian
colleagues.  Cooperation is under the Marine Mammals Project
of Area V of the U.S.-Russia Environmental Agreement.
Contact:  Robert Brownell, National Marine Fisheries Service,
tel. (619) 546-7165 or e-mail 

July 25-September 1, 1994.  Bruce Vondracek of the
Minnesota Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit will
travel to Novosibirsk as part of a scientific exchange program
between Novosibirsk State University and the University of
Minnesota.  Dr. Vondracek will focus on fish community
structure and fish microhabitat selection as pertains to Siberia's
Lake Chany.  Contact:  William Gregg, National Biological
Survey, tel. (703) 358-1804.

July 27-September 2, 1994.  A six-member delegation from
the Institute of Biology in Ulan-Ude will visit field stations
along Lakes Superior, Huron, and Michigan to take part in joint
parasitological research on exotic fish species (round- and tube-
nosed gobies), comparative zooplankton studies, and fisheries
biology work.  Cooperation is under Area V of the U.S.-Russia
Environmental Agreement.  The activity is part of a
comparative fisheries study of the Great Lakes and Lake
Baikal.   Contact:  James Selgeby, National Biological Survey,
tel. (715) 682-6163.

                   * NEWS BRIEFS *

*  REGIONAL  * GLOBAL RELEAF, an international public
education and action program of American Forests, is seeking
partners in Central and Eastern Europe.
To qualify, an organization must demonstrate that it:  has tree
planting and care as part of its mission; has proven operating
skills and necessary official recognition in its home country;
and has, or can attract, the necessary technical forestry skills,
as well as the citizen organizing skills, need to carry out a
successful Global ReLeaf campaign.  Projects include urban
forestry, educational programs, grade-school education, rural
reforestation programs, and the establishment of tree nurseries.
Contact: Chrystia Sonevytsky, 1516 P Street, NW, Washington,
DC, 20005, tel. (202) 667-3300, fax (202) 667-2756.

(NATO) Scientific Affairs Division has recently made available
a report on the NATO Workshop on "Research Networking in
Central and Eastern Europe" that was held in October 1993,
and has commissioned a new report from the Environmental
Division of IABG (Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH),
Germany, on military-induced environmental damage in Central
and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.   The
"Research Networking" report, which is free of charge, is
aimed at organizations interested in the development of the
academic research network in the countries of Central and
Eastern Europe.  Contact:  NATO Scientific Affairs Division,
1110 Brussels, Belgium, e-mail 

Budapest, Hungary has recently received grants from Japan and
the U.S.  The government of Japan granted REC US$800,000
for its operating budget and US$500,000 for the REC's Japan
Special Fund.  The United States Environmental Protection
Agency (USEPA) recently awarded US$516,000 to the
Regional Environmental Center.  Contact: Ivelin Roussev,
REC,  Miklos ter 1, Budapest 1035, Hungary, tel.
+(36-1) 250-3401,  fax +(36-1) 250-3403, or e-mail

*  ARMENIA  *  The WORLD BANK is preparing a
US$23.8 million Power Rehabilitation project that would
rehabilitate two thermal power plants and the electricity
distribution network, and provide technical assistance for policy
and institutional reform.  The implementing agency is the
Ministry of Energy and Fuels.  Contact:  The World Bank, tel.
(202) 477-1234, fax (202) 477-6391.

*  BELARUS  *  The WORLD BANK is preparing a US$75
million Energy Efficiency project that will rehabilitate district
heating systems and thermal power systems.  Contact:  The
World Bank, tel. (202) 477-1234, fax (202) 477-6391.

planning to co-finance a US$53 million energy program for
Estonia with the World Bank.  Sweden will cover US$10
million of the cost.  (The Baltic Observer, no. 18/113)

*  KAZAKHSTAN  *  Activists from 28 environmental
NGO's in Central Asia attended the CENTRAL ASIAN
HIVOS Foundation in early May.  The activists have issued a
12-point declaration on the state of the ecological movement of
Central Asia.  Contact:  Eric Sievers, e-mail
, or ISAR, tel. (202) 387-3034.

*  LATVIA  *  The WORLD BANK is preparing a US$50
million Energy Rehabilitation project that is likely to include:
a) rehabilitation and modernization of hydropower plants, b)
rehabilitation to suburbs of Riga and Jelgava district heating
network, through leakage abatement and repair and installation
of flow control facilities, and c) a pilot program for conversion
of small heating boilers to domestic fuels.  The project will aim
to improve efficiency and reliability of energy production and
distribution, and will also promote policy and institutional
reforms in the energy sector.  The implementing agency is the
Ministry of Economy.  Contact:  The World Bank, tel.
(202) 477-1234, fax (202) 477-6391.

sent a delegation that included its director, Philippe Rouvillois,
to inspect Lithuania's Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant.  The
Agency signed an agreement to supply Ignalina with technical
equipment and training, and help establish a supervision and
service program for the plant.  (ECODEFENSE!inform bulletin,
5-94).  Alos, the EUROPEAN BANK FOR
allocated 33 million ECU (approximately US$38.57 million) to
upgrade safety at Ignalina.  (The Baltic Observer, no. 18/113)

*  POLAND  *  The WORLD BANK is considering a
US$150 million power Privatization project that will create a
Private Sector Investment Fund to help finance rehabilitation
and environmental retrofitting investments in the Polish power
sector under off-budget limited recourse financing arrangements
with private investors.  Contact:  The World Bank, tel.
(202) 477-1234, fax (202) 477-6391.

*  RUSSIA  *  Mark Hopkins and Seth Baruch of the
ALLIANCE TO SAVE ENERGY and John Palmisano of
ENRON CORPORATION visited Kaliningrad the week of
May 9 under the auspices of the Sustainable Cities Initiative,
and met with a delegation from the Danish Energy Agency in
Copenhagen to assist the Kaliningrad region in its efforts to
become energy self-sufficient.  Contact:  Seth Baruch, the
Alliance to Save Energy, tel. (202) 857-0666, or fax
(202) 331-9588.

The ARCTIC WILDLIFE FOUNDATION is initiating a 10-
year joint Russian-North American study of the prolific
Atlantic salmon resource of the Kola Peninsula's 420-kilometer
long Ponoi River watershed area.  The foundation's goal is to
provide scientifically sound direction to the Russian regional
authorities who are attempting to make responsible economic
use of Russia's wildlife resources.  Contact:  Bill Hunter,
Arctic Wildlife Foundation, P.O. Box 67, New Boston, NH
03070, tel. (603) 487-3944, fax (603) 487-3940.

INITIATIVES is collecting books on ecological education and
environment for students of primary, secondary and high
schools of Baikal region. The books will be distributed to
schools in the region, ecological clubs and NGOs for children.
Used books will be most welcomed.  Contact:  Baikal Center
For Ecological And Citizen Initiatives, P.O. Box 1360, Russia
664000, or Baikal Watch, Earth Island Institute, 300 Broadway,
Suite 28, San  Francisco, CA 94133, tel. (415) 788-3666.

GLOBAL RESPONSE Environmental Action Network is
distributing its GRAction newsletter on Reprocessing Spent
Nuclear Fuel/Siberia.  For a copy, send a mailing address to:
Rachel Schucker, Pervyi Smolenskyi Per. d. 13 kv. 60, 121099
Moscow, Russian Federation, or to e-mail

GREENPEACE reports that local opposition to a land-based
liquid radioactive waste storage and processing facility at
Bolshoi Kamen is leading to consideration of a floating
processing facility.  In total, 2,253 cubic meters of liquid
radioactive waste activity of over 30 curies was stored on
vessels at Bolshoi Kamen as of March 1994. Contact: Josh
Handler, Greenpeace, tel. (202) 319-2516, fax (202) 462-4507,
or e-mail 

AGENCY hosted Ivan Bukhanevich of the All-Union Ministry
of Fisheries in mid-May for discussions about joint research
and data exchange.  Contact:  Syd Levitus, NOAA, 1825
Connecticut Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20235, tel.
(202) 606-4507, fax (202) 606-2123, or e-mail

PLANNING GROUP INC. have signed cooperative agreements
with the U.S. Department of Commerce to open American
Business Centers in Novosibirsk and Nizhnevartovsk,
respectively.  The companies provide diverse services in a
variety of fields, including environmental management.  (Bisnis
Bulletin, 5/94).

agreements with several Russian entities, including a contract
with the Russian power generation company RAO Rossii to
improve power plant efficiency, a joint venture with the
company BURAN to modernize and improve Russian air traffic
management, and an agreement with the Russian Ministry of
Atomic Energy to modernize and enhance the safety of nuclear
plants.  (Bisnis Bulletin, 5/94).

The WEYERHAEUSER company is sending a shipment of
500,000 seedlings to Khabarovskii Krai despite reports that it is
withdrawing from the Russian Far East.  The seedlings will be
planted in cooperation with the Russian Forest Service on about
one million hectares of burnt land managed by the Gurskii
Forest Management Station near Komsomolsk-na-Amur.
(Russian Far East Update, 5/94).

FOUNDATION of Slovakia, along with the U.S.-based Native
Forest Network, are urging organizations and individuals to
protest the Slovak government's application for a US$90-100
million forest management loan from the World Bank.
According to VLK, 90% of the funding will be allocated to
repair forestry roads and provide credit for logging equipment,
while only 10% is set aside for environmental protection,
training and institution.  The groups urge that interested parties
send letters of protest to:  Minsterstvo podohospodarstva, Ing.
Pavel Koncos, Minister, Dobrovicova 12, 812 66 Bratislava
Slovakia; and/or the World Bank, 1818 H Street, NW,
Washington, DC 20433.  Contact:  VLK Forest Protection
Group, Levocska 5 080 01, Presov, Slovakia, tel.
+42-91-314-45, fax +42-91-345-00, or e-mail

Cooperation Bulletin is produced monthly and distributed
electronically to over 500 environmentalists working in
international organizations, governments, academia, scientific
and research institutes, NGOs and private sector enterprises to
facilitate environmental projects in post-planned countries.
Kompass Resources International (Kompass), formerly known
as the Organization for American-Soviet Exchanges (OASES),
is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that has been supporting
environmental preservation and the advancement of clean
technology in the former USSR and Central and Eastern
Europe since 1986.  The purpose of this Bulletin is to provide
a regular update of the environmental activities occurring in the
region.  It is a compilation of information from many sources:
news media, interviews with project managers, and monthly
publications such as Procurement Opportunities, published by
the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and
the Monthly Operational Summary, published by the World
Bank.  The ECU foreign exchange rate used in this Bulletin is
the current New York price for trades of US$1 million
minimum (US$1.169 = 1 ECU as of May 29, 1994).  As this
Bulletin is meant to be a shared resource, please distribute it
freely, and contact us if you know someone who may like to
be on our e-mail or fax list to receive this publication.
Although payment is not required, tax-deductible contributions
are welcome and can be sent to:

Kompass Resources International
1322 Eighteenth Street, N.W., Suite 400
Washington DC, 20036

For further information or submissions, please contact Kompass
at (202) 332-1145, fax: (202) 833-3705, telex:  6503291778mci
uw, or e-mail:  

Melissa L. Stone, Editor-in-Chief
Lisa Dickey, Assistant Editor