Did You Know?--April 29, 1994

The Russian Agricultural List Serve is sponsored by the University of Maryland
College of Agriculture at College Park, the Research and Scientific Exchanges
Division, Foreign Agriculture Service/International Cooperation and
Development, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the National Committee on
International Science and Education of the Joint Council on Food and
Agricultural Sciences.

Dear RUSAG-L Subscribers:

This week's "Did You Know?" is actually a survey, soliciting information from
you rather than providing you with information.  But, as you will see, the
ultimate objective is to deliver a product back to you that we hope you will
find useful.  This survey targets university personnel.  But, for those of you
not affiliated with a university, please send us your responses too, especially
if you have a contact name or other useful information on the following
matter:  US university involvement in agriculture-related areas in the former
Soviet Union.

The reason we here at the University of Maryland are conducting this survey has
to do with an observation we have made, which many of you have probably made as
well:  there simply appears to be no comprehensive listing of assistance
efforts to the former Soviet republics, and none targeting university
involvement.  Certainly, there are a few good reports on US Government-wide
involvement.  We will alert you to these in future "Did You Know?" pieces, as
we have already tried to inform you about various US Government efforts from
information we have collected from the individual agencies.  As far as non-
governmental organization (NGO) involvement, there is the Citizens' Democracy
Corps (CDC) Compendium which does a fine job of listing NGO, including
university, involvement in that part of the world.  But, certainly, assistance
is a very time-sensitive matter, changing even as we speak.  Given the
potential of this electronic forum for communicating information in a very
timely manner, we thought it might be wise to use it for the purpose of
creating an up-to-date picture of university assistance efforts in the
agricultural sector.

That is why we are asking you to send us a brief summary of the involvement
your university has in the agricultural sector of the former Soviet Union.
Please send this summary, along with contact names and telephone/fax #'s and,
(of course) if possible, e-mail addresses to bg40@umail.umd.edu.  If you are
too busy to write us summaries of your various projects, please just send us
the contact information and we will be happy to follow up.  We will compile the
information and present it back to our RUSAG-L readers in synthesized format.
We will also add information taken from the CDC directory to create, to the
best of our ability, a big-picture look at university contributions to
agricultural development in the former Soviet Union.  We are hoping to have the
majority of responses in by mid-May, so please do what you can to reply by

Thank you in advance for your help!