Did You Know?--April 22, 1994

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uzbekistan     X

[China Radio International-20Apr94-0300UTC]   Chinese Premier Li
Peng says China is willing to work with Central Asian nations to
build a new Silk Road in the next century.  Li Peng is now in the
Uzbekistan capital of Tashkent on the first leg of a Central Asian
tour which will take him to Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan
and Mongolia.  He told the Uzbekistan parliament that developing
good-neighbour ties and enhancing cooperation is the basis of
China's policy in the region.  China will respect the independent
choice of Central Asian peoples and wants everyone to live in

Li Peng said the development of China's relations with Central
Asian nations is not directed against any third countries and hoped
that mutual friendship will contribute to regional stability and

The Premier's next stop if Turkmenistan.


uzbekistan     X

[Radio Moscow World Service-19Apr94-2200UTC]   The first official
visit of the Chinese Prime Minister, Li Peng, to Central Asia is
underway.  His itinerary during the 12-day visit will include
visits to Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzia, Kazakhstan and

[the following is a RMWS correspondent's report]

The Chinese leader began his foreign tour with a three-day visit to
Uzbekistan.  The Chinese delegation of about 100 people was greeted
at the airport by the Uzbek President, Islam Karimov.  Before
setting out for the trip, the Chinese Premier disclosed at a press
conference at the airport in Beijing that the main aim of his visit
was to deepen mutual understanding and strengthen cooperation with
Central Asian states.

The reopening of the Great Silk Road which connected China with
Central Asia has become [?] theme in Li Peng's talks with Islam
Karimov.  Bilateral trade and economic cooperation between China
and Uzbekistan and the increase in exports of cheap natural
resources are expected to be widened.  Uzbekistan will be supplying
China with cotton, fertilisers and planes in exchange for wheat,
rice, tea, hides and skins.

International and regional issues are also being discussed.

At the official banquet in honour of the Chinese leader Islam
Karimov said that both countries had reasons more than ever before
to deepen bilateral relations.  Two years ago during the official
visit of Islam Karimov to China 15 inter-governmental agreements on
the economy, politics, science and culture were signed but all has
not been smooth sailing.   Too many obstacles have appeared on the
road of bilateral relations between both countries: high taxes,
weakness of the temporary Uzbek currency, the som, and bureaucratic
impediments are just a few of the difficulties.  It is possible
that the current talks will enable both countries to overcome these


uzbekistan     X

[China Radio International-19Apr94-0300UTC]   Premier Li Peng
arrived in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan, on Monday for a
three-day visit.  In a recent statement Li Peng said his visit will
serve to further mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation.
Li Peng says China's respects the choice of Uzbek people and
sincerely hopes for a lasting, stable and heartly relationship
based on the five principles of peaceful coexistence.

At a reception for Li Peng Uzbekistan's President, Islam Karimov,
says the visit marks the beginning of a new era.

The Chinese businessmen travelling with Li Peng will find good
opportunities for bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

Li Peng is the first top Chinese leader to visit Uzbekistan.

This is the first leg of his five-nation Asian tour which will also
take him to Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia.

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