Secondary school # 1, Pushchino.

Classes - 43

Students - 925

Teaching stuff - 60

The heardmistress (principal) is Kuznetsova Valentina Pavlovna.

School # 1 is a part of the whole cultural-educational complex of upbringing and education chxildren on the base of the major innovation - without a school-age limit and course of tuition,with basic schooling for all but with the curriculum according to the abilities and inclinations of the students and a wide choice of subjects.It has close contacts with the musical school (the headmistress Larionova J.) and as a result of it here are opened 6 musical classes with the curriculum of the musical school.

From the first form (grade) children are taught ecology,English and Italian.Thanks to the help of the Art school (the headmistress Romanikhina G),at school #1 are organized 2 Art classes.These classes are attended by the gifted children who are very much interested in art and crafts.A wide choice of subjects is provided here: drawing, painting, composition,sculpture,history of arts,applied arts. The drawings of these children were exhibited in the towns of Pushchino,Serpukhov and in Germany and in the USA and were of great success.

Because of the difficult socioeconomic situation in the country,growing unemployment and not stable social security our school provides children education of different levels and profiles and a choice of subjects:

The course of tuition in the technical class is based on the curriculum of the vocational and tehchnical colleges adopted for the local conditions of the town Pushchino.

The school has its own Charter (Status) and instructions for the teachers in classes needed pedagogical support.

Some of the teachers developed their owm programmes:

Trade orientation,social security are ensured by special kind of teachers as well as by the teacher phychologist who are in the teaching staff of the school.

On the base of our school are working the Drama Club,the International Computer class and this year 17 students and 7 teachers were engaged in the international American-Russian exchange students' programme "Linking schools through Language and Technology".

During two last years at this school is being held the international seminar for teachers of foreign languages (English,German, French) organized by the Fund "Cultural Initiative",by the Ministry of Education of Russia and Europe's Soviet.

Our school is closely connected with the scientific research institutes of the town Pushchino and as a result of it students of the senior forms attend lectures at the institutes and optional courses at school given by the scientists of our town (biology, chemistry, maths, computer technology, physics).

As for the future the medical center "Health" is supposed to be created at our school as well as the "Family Club" too.