Puschino State University

Address: 14 22 92 Russia Pushchino, Moscow region, prospect Nauki 3

Phone: (095) 9238003

Fax: (095) 9238003

Email: adm@pgu.serpukhov.su


Chancellor A.M.Boronin, Assoc.Member RAS, Prof.
First Vice Chancellor First
Vice Chancellor
L.P.Ovchinnikov, Assoc.Member RAS, Prof
First Vice Chancellor
for research
L.V.Kalakutskii, Assoc.Member RAS
First Vice Chancellor
for Academic Work
Iu.A. Rochev, .Sc. in Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Vice Chancellors for
research organization
V.K Akimenko, D.Sc in Biology, Prof.
V.V. Kornilov, .Sc. in Physical and
Mathematical Siences
Office of the Registrar K.Ia.Sidorova, C.Sc. in Philology
Vice chancellor for
Surkov V.V.


PSU was organized by Resolution No 834 of the Government of the Russian Federation of 29 October 1992 in accordance with the proposal of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Commitee on Higher Education and Tehnology Policy on the basis of the institutes of Pushino Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


Structure of the academic activities of PSU

  1. Academic Center for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology on the basis of the Institute of Protein Research, RAS. (Assoc. member RAS, Prof. L.P.Ovchinnikov)

  2. College of Environmental Science and Biotechnology on the basis of the Institute of Biochemistry and Phisiology of Microorganisms, RAS. (Assoc.Member RAS, Prof.A.M.Boronin)

  3. Academic center for ecology and the biosphere on the basis of the Institute of Soil Science and Photosynthesis, RAS (D.Sc. in Biology Prof. V.I.Kefeli)

  4. Academical Center for Mathematical Biology on the basis of the Institute of Mathematical Problems in Biology, RAS. (D.Sc. in Physical and Mathematical Siences, Prof. A.M.Molchanov.)

  5. Academical center for physiology and biophysics on the basis of the Institute of Cell Biophysics, RAS. (Assoc. member RAS, Prof. L.M.Chailakhian)

  6. Academic Center for Cell Biophisycs on the basis of the Institute of Cell Biophysics, RAS. (D.Sc. in Biology, Prof. E.E.Fesenko)

  7. Academic Center for physical- chemical biology and biotechnology on the basis of the Branch of the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry RAS (C.Sc in Chemistry T.V.Ovchinnikova)

  8. Departement of foreign languagues. (Assoc.Prof. M.S.Konstantinova)

  9. Departement of Humanities and Social and Economic Disciplines (D. Sc. in Biology, Prof. E.L. Golovlev)

    The first group of students was admitted to PSU in 1993. In the 1993-1994 academic year 69 students were enrolled in Master's prog- rams,22 students were enrolled in graduate programs. 22 students transferred in their fourth or fifth year from other institutions to earn degrees in biology and biophysics.

    In the 1994-1995 academic year in PSU 136 students were enrolled in Master's programs, 47 in graduate programs and 17 students were in their final years of graduate study.

    In 1995 the first group of students completed their programs and received state-acknowledged degrees.