Address: 14 22 92 Russia Pushchino, Moscow region, ITEB RAS

Phone:(095) 925-59-84; (0967) 73-25-80

Fax: (095) 924-04-93


Teletype : 205881

Telex :412615 BIOSU

Bank account:608510 in MACB "Vozrojdenie", Pushchino, MFO 212371, code M-5


Director of the Institute L.M.Chailakhian
Vice-director for research A.I.Gaziev, D.Sc. in Biology,Prof.
Vice-director for research E.I.Maevskii, .Sc. in Physical and
Mathematical Siences
Vice-director for general issues B.F.Tretiak
Office of the registrar A.V.Kulikov, D.Sc. in Biology


ITEB RAS was organized in 1990 at the separation of the Institute of Biological Physics, which was founded in 1952.



The Institute consists of 24 laboratories and 15 scentific groups.

  1. Laboratory of autowave processes ( Mathematical and Physical Sciences A.B.Medvinskii)

  2. Laboratory of microobjects dynamic picture analysis (D.Sc. in Technical Sciences, Prof. G.M.Agadjanian)

  3. Laboratory of cell biophysics (Assoc.Member RAS, Prof. L.M.Chailakhian)

  4. Laboratory of biophysics of muscular contraction (D.Sc. in Biology, Prof. V.V.Lednev)

  5. Laboratory of biophysical acoustics ( Mathematical Sciences E.I.Maevskii)

  6. Laboratory of crystallophysics and X-ray analysis of molecular reorganization dynamics. ( Mathematical and Physical Sciences A.A.Vazina)

  7. Laboratory of mathematical modelling of polyenzyme systems ( Mathematical and Physical Sciences Prof. E.E.Selkov)

  8. Laboratory of mechanisms of biostructures organization (Assoc.Member RAS, Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Prof.G.R.Ivanitskii)

  9. Laboratory of molecular radiobiology (D.Sc. in Biology, Prof. A.I.Gaziev)

  10. Laboratory of modelling intercellular interactions in biological systems ( Mathematical and Physical Sciences I.B.Golovanov)

  11. Laboratory of cell radiobiology ( Biology Iu.N.Korystov)

  12. Laboratory of radiation biochemistry ( Biology, Prof.S.R.Umanskii)

  13. Laboratory of cell and tissue growth ( Mathematical Sciences, Prof.B.K.Gavriluk)

  14. Laboratory of systemic organization of neuron ( Biology, Prof.O.S.Vinogradova)

  15. Laboratory of muscular proteins structure and function ( Biology Z.A.Podlubnaia)

  16. Laboratory of neuron ultrastructure ( Biology D.A.Moshkov)

  17. Laboratory of control on energy-supporting of physiological functions ( Biology, Prof.M.N.Kondrashova)

  18. Laboratory of physical biochemistry ( Biology, Prof.S.E.Shnol)

  19. Laboratory of physical and radiation chemistry of biopolymers. ( Chemistry, Prof. B.I.Sukhorukova)

  20. Laboratory of functional biophysics of protein ( Biology, Prof.E.A.Burstein)

  21. Laboratory of functional biochemistry ( Biology, Prof.Iu.V.Evtodienko)

  22. Laboratory of functional neurochemistry ( Biology, Prof.A.Iu.Budantsev)

  23. Laboratory of cytotechnology ( Technical Sciences, Prof. E.I.Lezhnev)

  24. Laboratory of electromagnetic fields of complex systems ( Mathematical and Physical Sciences O.V.Baum)

Groups :

  1. Analytical and electronic microscopy (B.L.Allakhverdov)

  2. Biokinetics ( Mathematical and Physical Sciences B.N.Goldstein)

  3. Ionic transport biophysics ( Chemistry A.Ia.Zilberstein)

  4. Mitochondrial processes biophysics ( Biology, Prof. G.D.Mironova)

  5. Genetical and cellular engineering (C.Sc. in Biology I.P.Beletskii)

  6. Isotope methods ( Chemistry V.I.Bruskov)

  7. Neurochemistry (C.Sc. in Biology T.M.Tretiak)

  8. Studies of synapse transmission ( Biology, D.V.Goduhin)

  9. Ionic channels regulation ( Mathematical and Physical SciencesIu.M.Kokoz)

  10. Systemic biochemistry ( Mathematical and Physical Sciences V.V.Dynnik)

  11. Thermodynamics of biological structures ( Biology V.L.Shnyrov)

  12. Biomembranes ultrastructure (C.Sc. in Biology Iu.S.Tarakhovski)

  13. Cytogenetics (C.Sc. in Biology S.I.Zaichkina)

  14. The B.N.Veprintsev animals' voices records collection (O.D.Veprintseva)