Pushchino, Russia


Pushchino Research Center (PRC) of the Russia Academy of Science was established in 1963 to encourage development of fundamental research in physical and chemical biology and biotechnology. To enable the Center to act as the focus of research and technological development over a wide region, the town of Pushchino was created, ensuring that research workers, science service personnel, builders and infrastructural support system staff could live there with their families.

General Information

Location 120 km south of Moscow

Resident population 20,500

Working population 11,500

The Russian Academy of Sciences is responsible for territory covering 760 hectares. The town lies on the higher bank of river Oka 20 km south of the city Serpukhov totalling 200,000 residents and is located on an impressive landscape site in the proximity of the Prioksco-Terrany Nature Reserve.

Pushchino Research Center Comprises the Following:

Major Areas of Research


PRC has close scientific relations with Soviet and foreign institutions and agencies. The links are managed, primarily, through the institutes of PRC. International cooperation is maintanned in research, information and visitation exchange with various organizations of the USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada and East-European countries.

The Center annually holds nearly 70 conferences and symposia.


The automatic telephone network serves 4,000 residential and business telephone customers and includes 10 connections with Moscow.

The private communication company "Stack" was established in 1991 to set up a regional computer network. This company has networked all Institutes in Pushchino and other firms in Serpukhov in a regional network, using the TCP/IP protocol. Stacknet contains communications equipment and uses regional leased lines which are connected to the Internet via a 19,200 baud leased line.


Pushchino is placed within 10 km of federal Moscow-Simferopol highway and 20 km of Serpukhov and Tarusa railway stations. It is linked to Moscow with express buses and office mototransport. In addition, regular bus services goes to the Serpukhov terminal, thereby providing passengers for access to Moscow by local trains.