The Open Media Research Institute (OMRI) Daily Digest is a compilation of news concerning the former Soviet Union and East-Central and Southeastern Europe. It is published Monday through Friday (except German holidays) by OMRI (Open Media Research Institute). A pointer to the RFE/RL WWW Server is available here. (NOTE: The OMRI Daily Digest has picked up where the RFE/RL Daily Report left off at the end of December, 1994 and holds the copyright over the Daily Digest and Daily Report.)

Friends and Partners has recently begun "mirroring" the very popular newspaper, The St. Petersburg Press. This is an excellent English language version of this popular weekly newspaper. The originating site is located in, of course, St. Petersburg.

The Jamestown Foundation is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization which monitors the progress of political and economic reform in the republics of the former Soviet Union and which assists independent organizations in the FSU to promote the establishment of democracy and free enterprise. Jamestown sponsors conferences and other fora through which leaders from the former Soviet Union exchange information and insights with policy makers, business executives and the media in the United States."

For 53 years, the Voice of America has earned the reputation of being one of the top three international broadcasters providing up-to-the-minute, accurate and balanced news and features, as well as music and other entertainment, to its international audience. VOA not only provides millions of listeners of every race religion and walk of life with news of the US, "listener's" own countries and other countries of the world. Included among the many topics is important information about how to build and maintain new democracies and free market economies.

ITAR-TASS Russian News Agency is the Russian equivalent of UPI, AP or Reuters. This service is in English and is transmitted to (the Internet daily newspaper) 24 hours a day. TASS covers Russia as well as the nations of the Commonwealth of Independent States. In addition TASS has reporters around the world including many locations here the major western news services do not. Their news briefs are searchable or get the international news brief daily digests.

The US State Department's Bureau of Public Affairs and the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) have established the Department of State Foreign Affairs Network (DOSFAN) on the Internet. DOSFAN is a collaborative effort to present a broad range of up-to-date foreign policy information on the Internet. The State Department provides UIC with all information for DOSFAN, determines the content, and provides updates to material.

The Social Summit Home Page is brings news (in English and French) of The United Nations World Summit for Social Development which was held in Copenhagan March 5-12, 1995. Daily reports have been published and there is even a link to hear what the Youth of the World thought about this conference. There is also a link to APC's World Social Summit WWW page which will give you additional information on this important conference.

Vladivostok News & Information can be found here.

Read the Vechernij Khar'kov newspaper (in the Russian language) and get the news in and about this Ukraine city. It is available in several different viewing options.

A collection of news items from across the Internet is being posted here about the summit that occurred between Presidents Yeltsin and Clinton in Washington, DC.

News items from various media sources pertaining to Bosnia.

The Ukrainian News bulletins are posted here.

Glasnews is a quarterly publication on East-West contacts in communications -- including journalism, telecommunications, advertising, and public relations. It is published by the Art Pattison Communications Exchange Form, based in Seattle.

Internews is been best known for spacebridges, or two-way satellite hookups for dialogues across international boundaries, and has developed more than a dozen such programs, including the "Capital to Capital" series on ABC News and Soviet State Television linking Members of Congress with Deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Current efforts focus on supporting independent television in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

The News Around Armenia includes a link to "The Noyan Tapan Highlights" which is the first English-language weekly newspaper published in Armenia plus other Armenian news agency resources.

A&G News Service offers an email-based subscription to their focused news service. News summaries of information specially selected from all the main Russian newspapers by the A&G News Service are provided here.

Other news archives are here.

Here is some interesting information on an important initiative called "Americans Communicating Electronically (ACE)". ACE is a team of volunteers (both private and public citizens) dedicated to open access to information and learning from every home, and community across the nation. ACE understands the power of information and the need to distribute this power in a manner which strengthens our democracy. Therefore, ACE is commited to the provision of internetworked access to U.S. Government information centers for all Americans in public libraries, neighborhood electronic kiosks, shopping centers, and rural cooperatives. Thanks to Ted Blake for providing this information.

Here is a very interesting World Wide Web server about the East-West International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction but with lots of other resources on Russia. EWHCI is held every summer in Russia - this year, in St. Petersburg from August 2-6, 1994.

A list of CIS and Eastern European newsgroups could be found here. - OR -

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