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Our Siberian Experience

In August 1995 my wife Deb and I went to Russia. It was our second trip and the bulk of our time was spent in Siberia. The trip included a focus on Russian health care delivery with plenty of general sightseeing. There were five Americans on the trip. Our Russian friend Irina, from St. Petersburg accompanied us as a translator. We're going to be leading other health care oriented trips to Russia and if you'd like any information about participating you can email us at nate.lipsen@execnet.com. The text of our trip report is taken from Deb's journal.

Visit the Russian American Friends and Partners Homepage Inquiries about our next Russian trip as well as suggestions, comments and questions about this home page are welcome at: nate.lipsen@earth.execnet.com Thanks to Russian American Friends and Partners for providing the inspiration and space for our trip report. There have been visitors here since October 1, 1995 according to
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