Health Care in the New Russia

Health Care Tour - September 14 - 24, 1997

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loading, please wait The Novodevichi Convent is located southwest of the Kremlin in Moscow. It is a beautiful and typical example of the ornate, gold plated dome buildings that were built all over Russia.
loading...please wait This is one of the structures in the beautiful Novodevichi Convent. The inside, as with most Russian churches, consists of open rooms with no chairs or pews. All services are conducted with the attendees standing, and services can last for hours. Incense burns throughout the service, and adds distinctive memories to the experience.
The Novodevichi Convent is one of the most beautiful religious complexes in Moscow. The convent was built in 1524 by Vasilly III. Some tsars used the Church for their own purposes, and eventually the convent was used as a prison for troublemaking female nobles. A whole string of well-born women lived here including Peter the Great's half sister Sofia and his first wife Evdokia. Here, a well armed guard patrols the grounds. loading....please wait
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