Health Care in the New Russia

Health Care Tour - September 14 - 24, 1997

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loading, please wait The beautiful Moscow Kremlin cathedrals are a stirring site on a sunny day. The gold onion domes glisten against the white walls of the churches. Inside, there are tombs, ancient icons, and iconostasis. During Communist times these churches were unused; but today, services are regularly held here. As is the custom, worshipers come and go throughout the service.
The beautiful golden onion domes of the cathedrals in the Moscow Kremlin.
The entrance to the famous Gorky Park is grand and impressive in the Communist style. Gorky Park surrounds the beautiful Neskuchny Gardens which were created by the millionaire Demidov. It's enjoyed my thousands of Russians daily.
A few of the group went on this giant Ferris wheel inside Gorky Park. It was slow, but what a beautiful view from the top! It's free and it does not stop, so riders just hop on or off as the seats moves by.

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