Friends and Partners

Russia -- a land of great wonder and mystery to most people. To those who will learn, it is a land of great beauty -- shaped by a fascinating history, nurtured by a culture which has given the world some of its greatest literature, art, and music, populated by some of the world's brightest and most capable citizens, and filled with a generous and warm hearted people who have much to offer this global community.

America -- also a land of great mystery to many -- and also of great intelligence, capability, warmth and generosity.

These two nations -- enemies for so many years -- now have the opportunity to take the same resources, energy, and determination which yielded the capacity to destroy our very world and to become friends and partners in more constructive endeavor.

"Friends and Partners" -- the name of this new service -- is our effort to take this powerful information tool we call the "Internet" and use it as a vehicle for introducing our peoples to each other. No political agendas allowed! We hope to do something far more important than debate contemporary political and economic issues -- namely, to encourage understanding of each other, to promote learning about our cultures, and to introduce friends. With understanding and friendship, the experience and assistance we can offer each other on 'things political' will come.

What are these information services? This list will evolve and change as others make their contributions. But, at a minimum, we hope these will include:

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Thank you!

Natasha Bulashova                                       Greg Cole
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