The Middle and Upper Ural

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    The vicinity of Konzhakovski Kamen'. This mountain (1569m above the see level) is one of the highest peaks in Ural. Its approximate coordinates are 60 degrees of eastern longitude and 60 degrees of northern latitude (250km to the east from towns Berezniki and Solikamsk). You can glance at several photos together (small inline JPG images, each page contains about 80Kb total) or browse each picture individually via links below.
  1. The Chusovaya River (b/w photos)
  2. The Vishera River (b/w photos)


  1. The competition on the Belaya River, color photos, 1994. The name Belaya river is the widespread one, there are several different rivers with this name. The competition was on Belaya which is the left tributary of the Kuban river on Caucasus flowing into Krasnodar water-reservoir.
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