Ural, Ekaterinburg

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Ekaterinburg is a powerful industrial, business and research center. There are seven administrative and nearly fourty living areas. About 1,500 thousands people live permanently in this city. Ural-Relcom, Ltd. presents on-line sightseeing tour Three Views of Ekaterinburg. Copyright Ural Relcom Ltd. 1995 All rights reserved 1995 You can connect either to Russian or to English version.

  1. The Tour of The City: English | Russian.
  2. Ekaterinburg in pictures: English | Russian.
  3. Walking Around Ekaterinburg: English | Russian.
Ural-Relcom provides also historical information about Ekaterinburg, sensitive map and list of WWW servers in this city. Russian version is also available. Please send comments to webmaster@mplik.ru

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Ekaterinburg (Yekaterinburg) by Sergei Gershtein. This is a mirror maintained on "Friends and Partners" server, located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Help provided by Greg Cole is gratefully acknowledged.

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