Pictures from the South-West of Russia and bordering regions.

Russia: Administrative Divisions. (GIF file, 317 Kb) .

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Do you remember the slogan that used to be used, that
"patriotism is sometimes the last refuge of a scoundrel"?
(Lyndon LaRouche about American policy; Sept. 4, 1996)

Picture Network International (PNI)

The National Press Photographers Association Sixth Electronic Photojournalism Workshop (EPW6).
  1. Refugees: The EPW6 Virtual Assignment (
  2. Alternative Uses For Newspapers. Photos from electronic stock at the EPW6 workshop site. A Georgian woman kneels on a newspaper on the ground as a man counts out money in the marketplace. Sukhumi, Georgia (56kb). Photo by V. Velengurin, Sovfoto/Eastfoto. Copyright 1994 PNI. The URL of the "Alternative Uses For Newspapers" collection is

You can find more information about Russian Cities on the Web by going to the server in N. Novgorod (Russia) maintained by Sergey Gorokhov:

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