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St.Petersburg and the North-West of Russia by Pictures.

This page contains information about Petersburg (former capital of the Russian Empire), about Karelia (a region around Onega Lake) and about several cities and regions on the north-west border of Russia.


  1. Petersburg: pictures, maps, subway.
  2. St.Petersburg's Virtual Museums (Literary and Historical).
  3. St.Petersburg for tourists.
  4. General information about Kronstadt, a town-satellite of St.Petersburg. Kronstadt is located at the Kotlin island in the Gulf of Finland, in 29 km NW of St.Petersburg.
  5. Karelia and Onego Lake.
  6. Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Novgorod, Pskov and Vologda regions.
  7. You can find more information about Russian cities on the Web going to the server in N.Novgorod (Russia) maintained by Sergey Gorokhov (
(Note: sometimes making a connection to a server in Russia is slow or impossible, so if your attempt failed, try later again !)

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