The meeting on Nobember 29, 1996.

On the photo: Russian Premier Victor Chernomyrdin addressing the meeting of the Board of Russian Interior Ministry on Nov. 29th devoted to the results of the ministry's activity this year. The meeting started at 9am on Zhitnaya Street, 16 in Moscow.

According to the TV channel "2x2", Chernomyrdin said that in 1996 there were no significant changes in results of fighting with crimes. The minister of Internal Affairs Anatoli Kulikov said that number of serious crimes increased in comparison with 1995. He admitted, that rate of deliberate murders in Russia remains one of the highest in the world. But Kulikov hopes that recent presidential decree should change the situation.

According to the Radio "Rocks", Chernomyrdin said that crimes in the national economy undermine security of Russia. He emphasized that the scale of developing the criminal activity in national economy requires immediate counter measures. The minister of Internal Affairs Anatoli Kulikov said because of the end of military actions in Chechnya, a number of military divisions controled by the ministry can be concentrated now on fighting against crime.

Credits: Translation is done from original daily TV and radio digests provided by National News Service. Photo is available in ITAR-TASS photo archive.

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