July 3, 1996: Presidential Election Gallery.

  1. Elections-96 photo materials provided by the National News Service (Moscow, Russia). In particular, you can find there pictures how presidential candidates casted votes and how turnout figures were counted.
  2. Everything about Yavlinski (a former candidate for the Presidency of Russia).
  3. July 3, 1996: Election Day Gallery is provided by Russia Today, a service of the European Information Network. Copyright 1995, 1996 EIN Inc. All rights reserved. Send comments to: feedback@ein.cz
  4. Fresh information about parliamentary and presidential elections: 1995-1996.
  5. Back to the U.S.S.R.?, the special photo essay by the TIME Magazine.
    "After the failed 1991 coup by hard-line practitioners of a dying Communist system, President Boris Yeltsin missed his opportunity to set Russia on a truly democratic path. He might have used his triumph to provide a clean break with a Communist culture that taught and required individuals to subsume their interests to the state's. He might have begun the process of teaching Russian citizens to handle their new-found power as a responsible electorate. He might have created a true reformist party to tap the enthusiasm for democracy that has now waned, a victim of crime, corruption and the emptiness of spirit felt today by the Russian people. He did not. As a former Communist party leader, Yeltsin my have had personal misgiving at striking the Lenin cult at the roots, but as a result, Russia seems stuck today between its communist past and an undetermined, but impending future".
    Copyright 1996 Time Inc. All Rights Reserved
    PHOTO: Jason Eskenazi-Alicia Patterson Foundation
Illustrated history of Russia.

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