Servers inside Russia.

Attention: Most of them speak both English and Russian. Sometimes making a connection to a server in Russia is slow or impossible, so if your attempt failed, try later again !

Several servers provide WWW access to sites in Russia. Some of them are maintained by commercial companies, other provided by not-for-profit organizations (mainly by research and educational institutions). Some of them keep their own lists or a sensitive map with references to other servers. Main providers of electronic communications in Russia are the following.

  1. DEMOS - main Index (commercial company)
  2. FREEnet Web (non-profit): Moscow siteand the Ural Regional Center. FREEnet's aim is integrate all major universities and educational institutions. The FREEnet Web server provides information about the resources on FREEnet, the Russian academic and research network (under development). The server is a central access point to the information services in the FREEnet.
  3. GLASNET Home Page (major not-for-profit Internet provider).
  4. RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences). List of Russian WWW servers and a sensitive map. This site and other centers of RAS are supported by International Science Foundation organized by American billionaire and philantropist George Soros. You can read the summary of his speech about the PERILS OF THE POST-COMMUNIST ERA. Here is a sensitive map of Russian universities from the Novgorod State Univ. server (by Vyacheslav Federov; )
  5. RELCOM Window-to-Russia Home Page and the list of Russian WWW Servers arranged by RELCOM (commercial provider of electronic communications in Russia.
  6. SOVAM Teleport (commercial company) runs a new project Russia-On-line and asks for feedback. Moscow site and the site in Kiev(Ukrain).
  7. Russian search engine maintained on server in Pushchino, Russia. Copyright 1996-97 Stack Ltd., All Rigths Reserved. Comments:
  8. InterFoto, the web site of the Annual Moscow International Photojournalism Festival and contest. InterFoto organizes the Russian "Best Photo of the Year" contest for Russian and C.I.S. Photojournalists and Professional Photographers. Information about the first two InterFoto festivals (1995, 1996) and InterFoto 97 which will be held in Moscow in May. This link was submitted by Bill Swersey, Co-Director of InterFoto. Send comments to:
  9. Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  10. An excellent sensitive (i.e. clickable) map of servers inside Russia is maintained by Vladimir Pekkel (San Antonio, Texas, USA).
  11. Institute of Applied Physics and scientific information agency "SANDY" in Nizhniy Novgorod
  12. Alphabetically ordered list Russian and xSU Web from Gelendzhik-Relcom server.
  13. Russian Cities on the Web, WWW server from N.Novgorod (Russia)
  14. Palantiri.Networks, Internet provider in St.Petersburg

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