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This page compiles pictures pertaining to Russian historical heritage and photos witnessing recent events in Russia. However, you can find also an illustrated description of main periods in the history of Moscow, a brief introduction into the early history of the Russian Orthodox Church with more detailed collection of historical resources. Other history-related references are provided on the bottom.

Russia and the Former USSR

  1. Ancient Russia laid under Mongol rule from the 13th through the 15th century. Amusing collection The Heritage of Genghis Khan is presented by the Royal British Columbia Museum. Would you like to visit the motherland of Genghis Khan ? If yes, go to the Baley District (the southeast Siberia).
  2. Miscellaneous Icons, XV-XIX centuries. Index of inline images, maintained by the Christian Orthodox Page.
  3. Treasures of the Czars. Superb on-line museum tour organized by St.Petersburg Times Publishing Co. and the Florida International Museum. This excellently guided tour covers several centures of the Russian state, timelines of czars, their biographies, attributes of Russian Empire and much more.
  4. Chronology, the illustrated history of Russian Navy (from 1696) and many other documents and pictures are provided at the exhibition devoted to 300th Anniversary of Russian Navy. Exposition is maintained by RUSnet specialists. Send comments to:
  5. Illustrated history of the state and church in Russian America from the Alaskan Russian Church Archive (XIX century).
  6. Muslims in the XIXth century Russian Empire, a photographic narrative of the Interactive History Project (send comments to Mas'ood Cajee at )
  7. A comprehensive history of the Jews of Russia from the first settlements to the present. One of Russia's most significant ethnic minority's for a thousand years. This link was submitted by Shea Ohmsford, email address:
  8. Petr Stolypin, the Prime-Minister of Russia from July 8, 1906. He was assassinated by a terrorist in 1911. Information is provided by the East Coast Group Limited server. Send comments to Max Sorochanov:
  9. Russian Empire, 1895-1910: Photographs from stereoscopic negatives in the Keystone-Mast Collection. They are presented by California Museum of Photography (University of California, Riverside). This is a work in progress in collaboration with Dr. Viktor Minachin, Russian Academy of Sciences. He has found collection to be the most significant body of original stereoscopic negatives depicting Russian architecture before Stalin's "urban renewal" which resulted in the destruction of many important landmarks. Dr.Minachin and his staff created a computer database listing 900 stereoscopic photographs from the Keystone-Mast Collection.
  10. The Alexander Palace Time Machine constructed by Bob Atchison (comments: The Imperor of Russia, Nickolas II lived most of the time at the Alexander Palace and his family considered it their primary residence and home.
  11. A biography of the Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov "Tsar for a day". The Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov (1878-1918) was the last Emperor of Russia; the imperial throne of Russia has been transferred to him by Nickolas II in March, 1917. Michael Baehr constructed several WWW pages which contain previously unpublished letters written by the Grand Duke and photographs of Mikhail and his family. COPYRIGHT, 1996, M. F. BAEHR, SEATTLE, WA, USA Send comments to:
  12. Here you can look at the small collection of old postcards: Moscow in the beginning of XX century presented by Sergei Senin. (Slow connection, machine in Portsmouth, UK)
  13. The brief history of Russia by Lonely Planet
  14. The World War II: Nazi's Bombing of Moscow on July 26, 1941 (copyright TIME Inc.)
  15. Soviet military bases pictured by the American U-2 Spy Plane in 1950-1970. Copyright 1994 Time Warner Electronic Publishing (send comments to: ).
  16. Soviet Archives Exhibit: experimental on-line service. The excellent collection of Soviet documents. Joint effort of NCSA and the Library of Congress.
  17. Leonid Brezhnev: the leader of the Soviet Union during 1965-1984 (the final part of the story). This biography follows Roy Medvedev's article published in 1988 (the English translation by Max Sorochanov). The illustrated biography of Brezhnev is provided by the server in Vladivostok (Far East of Russia). Copyright (C) 1995-96 East Coast Group Limited. Send comments to Max Sorochanov:
  18. May 9, 1985, 40th anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War. Veterans used to commemorate the VE day on the Bolshoi Theater square in Moscow. These 2 pictures are (C) Copyright Denis A.Khotimsky. Send comments to:
  19. Moscow, August'91 coup: pictures collected by Sergei Viznyuk. Unfortunately, no longer available

After 1992...

  1. Civil War in Moscow, October 2-3, 1993.

  2. The collection of 15 e-mail messages from Moscow written by Prof. Michael Berlin in March - May, 1995 (comments: He said about his Moscow Journal archive: "I hope the articles are helpful for more than tourism, and can also shed some light on social attitudes toward political, economic and cultural developments in Russia during the time that I was there".
  3. July 3, 1996: Presidential Elections in Russia. Photo gallery and information.
  4. Pictures from elections in Tula. Photos from streets of Tula as well as candidates' posters and pamphlets from Duma by-elections in Tula in February 1997. Tula is a regional center located 200km to the south from Moscow. Send comments to Andrey Ozharovskii:

The Russian Department of Bucknell University (contact person: Robert Beard provides more history related hyper-links. In particular, you can find there chronology of Russian history.

You can read short biographies of Stalin, Khrushev, report about B.Eltzin's birthday and descriptions of old and recent events in former Soviet Union and Russia in the extensive TIME Inc. New Media archive (Copyright TIME Inc.)

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