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Date: Sun Jul 9 18:37:44 1995

The Library of Congress welcomes your use of its online systems available on the Internet. Some of the Library's online systems accept and answer Internet electronic mail about searching and using their respective services.

Questions received that address more that one service at the Library will be forwarded to each corresponding unit for assistance. If your request includes a *REFERENCE QUESTION*, the reference aspect of your request will be addressed according to the following:

  1. Library staff will examine each request to determine if the information sought is unique to the Library of Congress. Those requiring the attention or consultation of specialized resources in the Library's collections will be forwarded to the appropriate area for response. Appropriate requests will be placed within the regular flow for answering requests in as timely a manner as possible.
  2. Many requests the Library of Congress receives can be answered by local public, college or university libraries. In these cases, we encourage you to use local libraries first for answers to your questions or advice about other sources that can help you. REFERENCE QUESTIONS THAT CAN BE ANSWERED BY LOCAL LIBRARIES OR REQUESTS FOR PRODUCTS OR SERVICES THAT THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS DOES NOT PROVIDE WILL NOT RECEIVE FURTHER RESPONSE.

The following addresses are available for Library of Congress Internet resources.

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