Pictures from Samara.

Samara is a large city (population: 1179.2 thousands people) located approximately 900kms to the south-east from Moscow. The city is conveniently located on the bank of Volga (50 degrees of eastern longitude, 53 degrees of northern latitude), at the place where the river makes a large turn around Zhiguli Hills. Samara was founded in the end of XVI century as a fortress on the east border of Russia. During the Soviet era (from 1935 until 1991) the city was called Kuibyshev after a communist leader.

Main economic and geopolitical characteristics of
Samara area on January 1, 1996.

Main air routes, railroads and highways connecting different areas of Russia go across Samara. The city of Samara has 6 railroad stations, international airport Kurumoch and the large ship terminal capable to handle vessels with the load capacity of 5,300 tons, including ships of the "river-sea" type. A few federal highways connect Samara with major economic regions of Russia. Large machine-building companies, spacecraft and aircraft producing industries, aluminium and other metallurgic manufacturers are located in Samara and the region.
  1. Territory - 53600 sq.kms. The region extends 335kms from north for south and 315 kms from west to east.
  2. The region has borders with -
  3. The population (residents): 3308.8 thousands people; including

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