Capability of sensors by STEK Ltd.

This range of 4-20mA gauge style pressure sensors is intended for continuous monitoring of pressure in various hazardous applications including gas/petrochemical production and process environments.

The units utilise silicon technology for the pressure sensing element and electronic components in construction. This enables high accuracy and stability. All products are housed in a robust stainless steel body with the electronics fully encapsulated which enables them to withstand high levels of shock and vibration.

The pressure port is M20x1,5mm male and all units are supplied complete with a WAGO (Series255) electrical connector.

Environmental protection rating is IP54.

Technical specification

Maximum overpressure

6 bar
10 bar; 25 bar
60 bar
Supply voltage
Output current
Combined non-linearity
hysteresis and repeatability
Zero offset and span
Long term stability

Process media temp. range
Temperature effects

Pressure connection
Electrical connection
Environmental protection


15 bar
40 bar
250 bar
16-42 V d.c.
4-20mA (or 0-5 mA for special order)

0.15 % FS
3 % site adjustable
0-1 % FS p/a

-45 C to +80 C
0.5 % FS
over - 45 C to +80 C

M20x1.5 male (or G1/4 for special order)
WAGO 255-401 connector

Approval Certificate included with this product.

stoc no.

6 bar
10 bar
25 bar
60 bar