8. Epilogue.

This short story of Penza could not appear without help and support addressed to the authors from many people.

It was Mikhail Soutchanski, who initiated our activity for preparation of these pages. We are very grateful to Mikhail for his constant attention to our work.

A lot of thanks to Greg Cole from the University of Tennessee for granting disk space for installing the pages on Internet.

Alexander Rusakov from Yaroslavl State University , Olga Galkina and Bill Fick from IREX-Moscow provided support in our studying of the Internet and the WWW technology. Thanks.

Disa la Cour from Technical University of Denmark has kindly helped us to correct our English. Thank you, Disa.

Thomas Tongue from the Imagiware granted us his nice Dr. HTML program for verification our Web pages. Thank you, Thomas.

Our friends from the New Medical Technologies provided us small financial support.

All above facts have been extracted by authors from the following books:

- "The geography of the Penza region" by I.I. Kunitsin and N.A. Makdensky,
- "The Penza region in facts and events" by the regional department of statistics.

The authors are both from Penza Technological institute.
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Alexey Tikhonov, general design and text;
Roman Felixov, Web design and graphics.

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