5. The New Medical Technologies in Penza.

The New Medical Technologies, is a private specialised orthopedic clinic, where some original equipment is used. A brief description of the equipment is placed in this part. The desription has been prepared by the staff of the clinic.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to submit you a new for clinic practice original construction providing for dynamic operated from without scoliosis correction and intended for treatment patients suffering vertebral column curvature of thoracal & lumbar localization.

During the operation our implanted device placed into a bioinert jacket for eliminating cicatrix tissue germination into this distractor and providing its capacity for work while long being in the body, is fixed on patient vertebral column. In after operation period graduated correction of vertebral column curvature is carried out from the outside by acting on implanted system control through soft tissues of patient back.

Correction begins in 8-10 days after the operation and continues at home by 0,25-0,5 mm in a day. Patients are allowed to walk in a lighted jacket in 10-12 lays after the operation; and in 4-6 weeks they are discharged for dispensary treatment.

Operated from the outside distraction allows to obtain an additional scoliosis correction over 25-50% in comparison with an resulted one after the operation. As a result, both thoracal shape is considerably bettered, and vertebral column deformation is eliminated. When providing as much as possible correction, the distractor may be used as a vertebral column holder. Clinical observations come as evidence our treating method using said distractor is high effective and safe!

The same text in French.


Ladies and Gentlemen,

For the first time for clinic practice a new model of full metal & polymeric dismountable hip joint prosthesis ensuring a modern fixation method so called self-fixation is worked out and used already.

Pelvic component is fulfield universal for any colyloid cavity size made with asymmetrically disposed crus. Fixation is effected by the entire wing of an iliac bone ensuring safe stabilization, biochemically favorable orientation of colyloid cavity prosthesis into a hipbone and eliminating aseptic prosthesis unstability danger.

Hipbone proximal end prosthesis is fixed into the bone by means of distance pieces secure constant strictly graduated compression on prosthesis-bone joint out of dependence on implantation period, all these factors decrease considerably aseptic unstability damage and ensure necessary adaptation of the prosthesis crus to the "alive" bone.

The prosthesis implantation is the more effective in such diseases as flat small colyloid cavity cosartrolystesis, hipbone osteoporosis, considerable posttraumatic cavity changes, followed even by its wall deficiency (up to 1/2), chronic femur dislocation. Before pelvus component prosthesis installation you are not required to restore colyloid cavity shape by using cement filling, bone plastic materials and the like.

Our prosthesis allows to obtain a full-fledged medical rehabilitation for a large contingent of patients thereof full endoprosthetics by known prosthesis is impossible due to its technical difficulties.

CORREM ( Erection corrector by M.)

A big quantity of common diseases causes some potential disorders besides,there are a lot of specific sexological ones. These and many other moments encouraged to develop apparatus for increasing man potency. The Correm is designed to provide reliability,convenience and invisibility of using for the partners. Both reliability and invisibility became possible due to unifying of supporting and fixing elements in an optimal construction.

So, is obtained the apparatus thickness in 1-2 mm,the effective thickness (under the skin level) is practically 0 (zero). The sufficient strength of the construction,penis supporting from all sides ensure the sexual act carrying out. The Correm commodity may be compared with condom by its readiness and simplicity of using; the Correm may be used as with a condom, by its readiness and simplicity of using.;the Correm may be u with a condom, so without it. It doesn't need careful selection by the size,because is poor critical to it; there are only orientation (mini,standard,maxi).

Correm construction is very simple,without any metallic details,doesn't require high production culture. It is considered on mass production. The conjunction of goods is protected by a patent formula, this allows to change the construction according to market requirements.

For more information, please, mail to:
Alexey Tikhonov.

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