5. Offers for business cooperation.

Konditer Ltd. is in search of partners to participate in the following projects.

1. Toffee chews production line.

A line producing standard toffees has already been launched, but demand shows that there is a need to establish a line for production of toffee chews. The planned capacity of this line is 2,000 kilograms per 24 hours.

Konditer Ltd. will need a new recipe and ingredients for this product. We also need proper packaging equipment both for soft packs of 10 pieces and also for hermetically sealed packs of 50 g, 100 g, 200 g of toffees.

2. Waffles production line.

A line for these products is already fully operative, but some additional new recipes and packaging equipment will enable us to widen the range of these products.

3. Cocoa bean related products.

One of the major priorities at Konditer Ltd. is the division which processes cocoa beans and manufactures semi-finished cocoa-products, such as cocoa-grated, cocoa powder, cocoa oil and chocolate icing. The factory needs some equipment to improve work in the division.

If you are interested in our offers, please, contact us to get more information concerning with these projects.

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