3. Konditer today (some facts).

The Konditer Trading and Production Enterprise is a company with limited liability. In 1992 the employees came into possession of 100 per cent of the company shares in accordance with Russian economic law.

The total production area is 3.7 hectares.

The total amount of employees is 850 people.

The main activity of the company is the production and distribution of confectionery.

The factory produces over 120 different types of sweets.

The total amount of confectionery, produced in 1996, was 7,000 tonnes. Furthermore,

In 1996 total profits of Konditer Ltd. was $2,900,000.

Both the manufacturing process and all kinds of products of the factory has been certified by Gosstandard of Russia.

Competitiveness and high quality of a Konditer product are provided by using natural ingredients in the manufacturing process. The ingredients include cocoa beans, condensed cream, milk, nuts, fruit and berry mixtures.

The factory has been awarded with the annual prize "Golden Label" of the international programme "Confectioners. Partnership for the sake of progress". It has also received the Birmingham Torch Award of the international organization "People to People International".

Some samples of sweets wrapping:

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