2. Short history of the factory.

The Konditer Ltd. started in 1925, when a small cooperative confectionery was opened in Penza. The size of the confectionery was about 50 sq.m., number of employees was 15 - 20 people. They produced around 100 kg per day.

The production of the factory has been constantly growing ever since. After World War 2, chocolates became the main product of the factory instead of drops. The factory moved to another location in Penza.

Today the factory consists of four departments with a total production area of 3.7 hectares. The total production of the company is 600 tons of sweets per month. There are 850 employees.

The name "Konditer" was given to the factory in 1992, when it became a closed joint-stock company. At that time the employees came into possession of 100 per cent of the company shares in accordance with Russian economic law.

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