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1. Foreword by Viktor P. Belotelov, Director
2. Short history of the factory
3. Konditer Ltd. today (some facts)
4. Virtual exhibition of Konditer products
5. Offers for business cooperation

1. Foreword by Viktor P. Belotelov, Director

Dear Sirs,

The limited company "Trading and production enterprise Konditer"( Konditer Ltd.) is one of the oldest companies in the Russian confectionery industry.

Konditer Ltd. produces more than 120 kinds of sweets. These are chocolates, waffles, toffees, marshmallows, sugared dragees, oriental sweets and cakes. All products are made from natural ingredients.

Delicious taste and high quality of the products are ensured by systematic inspection and constant refinement of all production processes. We renew up to 20 percent of our assortment every year.

In spite of hard economic conditions, Konditer Ltd. works with a high level of stability. This needs cooperative efforts from all our staff. Therefore a significant part of the enterprise profit is spent on solving accommodation problems of our employees and also on providing good conditions for their labour and rest.

I hope the installation of these pages on the Internet will help all sweet fans to recognize Konditer products in a sweet shop.

Potential business partners can obtain the first information about Konditer Ltd. right now. They also can see our proposals for cooperation.

Thank you for your visiting our pages !

Yours sincerely,

Viktor P. Belotelov,

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