"Rural Tretyakovka" of
I.M. Manuylov

I.M. Manuylov, Master of Philosophy, Assistant Professor on the Social Studies faculty of the Penza Technological Institute, is also a great expert and connoisseur of Russian painting.

        In 1984 he founded an art gallery in his hometown, Neverkino, which has since attained State Museum status. Neverkino is a small town in the Penza region. The Museum is now located in the local "Young Pioneer Center". Igor Michealovich tells how this came about:

       "When I conceived of a picture gallery my aim was to demonstrate to people the beauty of the Russian landscape from Kamchatka in the east to the Carpathian Mountains in the west, and from the Arctic Ocean in the north, to the valleys of the central Asian region and the Tien-Shan Mountains in the south.

        At first, I decided to open the gallery in the school from which I graduated in 1954. I asked my friends, the artists of Penza, to donate their works for the new gallery.

         Uri Romashkov gave his sketch "Hot Summer"; Nikolai Smolin donated a large canvas entitled "Voice of Truth" about country life in the first years of the Soviet State. Lev Kuznesov contributed more than ten picturesque canvasses including landscapes and female portraiture. Nationally recognized Russian artists Anna Korol, and Nicolai Sidorov donated color etchings "Penza Landscapes". Altogether about seventy works on canvas and etchings were collected and placed on the first floor in the school corridor. Thus opened "Rural Tretyakova" on the first Sunday in October 1984.

        With the assisstance of my brother, Alexander Manuylov, who is director of the Neverkino school district, a "Young Pioneer Center" was built in Neverkino. Local government, through the offices of Anatoli Sirotkin, allocated to the gallery to exhibition halls and an additional room for pictures not currently on public display. On May 19, 1990, an opening ceremony was held and the exhibition was opened to the public in its new quarters. Many artists have generously donated their works: N. F. Smolin, E.M. Kulikov, B.N. Gladchenko, A.I. Myalkin, V.S. Manucharyan, A.M. Yakut, L.S. Manyevich and others.

        With, once again, the help of my brother, financing was obtained to acquire additional works of art so that now the collection has more than one hundred works of art. These include not only artists from Penza but works by artists from other Russian cities: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Omsk, Pskov and others."

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