Russian and American literature could be digitized and stored on a server (as is being done with the Gutenberg project and similar efforts world-wide). The server could also become a 'home' to electronic publication of contemporary literature.

Through the generous gift of Thomas P. Whitney '37, Amherst College has acquired what has generally been considered the world's largest private holding of Russian books, manuscripts, newspapers, periodicals, drawings and artifacts. This collection is housed in the newly established Amherst Center for Russian Culture and reflects what Russian intellectuals were doing in the Soviet Union and all over the world for over 70 years.

Russian Literature on the Net - Russkaya Literatura v Internete - Proza, Fantastika, Poeziya, Avtorskie Pesni, Rok-Gruppy.

Natasha has prepared 4 books of poems from Russian poet Sasha Cherniy. There are a total of 228 poems in this collection.

Here is a collection of poems by Anna Ahmatova which Natasha has prepared.

Here is an excellent collection of Russian proverbs. Please send additional items for this listing to

Here are three "classics" written by Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. Tolstoy's works are available in hypertext (thanks to Ellee Margileth!) and we will soon be making "Brothers Karamazov" available in the same format to facilitate easier reading. (Please be warned that this is a large (2M) document!)

The Karl Marx / Frederick Engels Archive is housed at the Colorado CSF (Communications for a Sustainable Future) site in Colorado and includes biographical material, their written works and the works of some others such as V.L. Lenin and Leon Trotsky. A mirror site of Marx's work is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

An index is provided of 100 books in electronic form. Many of these books are considered "classics" in the United States.

An excellent place to learn about Russian and East European language resources is the Russian and East European Studies Internet Language and Literature Resources WWW Server.

Jim Zwick, of Syracuse University in New York, has put together Mark Twain Resources on the World Wide Web. His pages list resources by or about the famous American writer, Mark Twain. This great resource ranges from texts of Twain's books to an analysis of his character's appearance on "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

CTHEORY is an international, electronic review of books on theory, technology and culture which is sponsored by the Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory. Reviews are posted periodically of key books in contemporary discourse as well as theorisations of major "event-scenes" in the mediascape. From this site, read Alexis Gosselin's review of David Remnick's 1993 Pulitzer Prize winner, Lenin's Tomb: The Last Days of the Soviet Empire.

Examples abound of literature being published on the network today. Some of these include:

The "Association des Bibliophiles Universels" (ABU) now offers some online texts of French public domain literature. Also included is some information about the organization (in French). ( nwn )

References and data: literature references to algorithms related to molecular biology (cvl )

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