"Friends and Partners" ListServer

A listserver has been established for the purpose of communicating and coordinating work on this information server. To subscribe, just do the following:

    Send a mail message to:   listproc@solar.rtd.utk.edu
    It doesn't matter what you put as the 'Subject:',
    but the text of the message should be the following:
       (where "Your Name" equals your first and last names)
    You should receive a confirmation message shortly after sending
    your message with further instructions on how to communicate
    with this list.  

This is a moderated list -- meaning that someone will look at all of the messages and then transmit them out to the subscribers. Because of the anticipated traffic and confusion generally associated with a new list, our intention is to do this daily -- in a digest format. Once the list is well established we anticipate changing it to the more traditional non-moderated format.

If you'd like to read or search the 'daily digests' which are posted each day to the listserv subscribers, please click here. We are hoping to establish lists devoted to specific information bases (such as History, Art & Music, Literature, Language, News, etc.) to facilitate work on more specific subjects. We need to know what these subjects should be and if there are any volunteers for coordinating the activity on these lists.