Directions: Choose the English word in each group that is a synonym of the Russian word at the left.

1. дружба (a) another one (b) friendship (c) mug (d) hut (e) fate
2. пушка (a) that which pushes (b) pillow (c) down feathers (d) cannon (e) a cart
3. душа (a) pear (b) soul (c) douche (d) Russian Parliament (e) perfume
4. святой (a) sweet (b) lighted (c) sweater (d) Swedish (e) saintly
5. часто (a) every hour (b) clean (c) often (d) seldom (e) paling
6. детство (a) childhood (b) pertaining to grandfather (c) doing (d) detail (e) poverty
7. испуг (a) button (b) flight (c) fright (d) from below (e) from above
8. чиновник (a) chin (b) handyman (c) a human being (d) an official (e) garlic.
9. гостиница (a) living room (b) female guest (c) present (d) candy (e) hotel
10. остров (a) sharp (b) island (c) building (d) having left (e) jail
11. княжна (a) a small book (b) necessary (c) female horse (d) dove (e) princess

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