Examples for self testing

Besides thorough preparation and extensive reading, you need a knowledge of the various types of questions that appear on college entrance achievement tests in Russian. You will waste time and make avoidable mistakes if you are not familiar with these types. Examples are given below; study them before you take the Practice Test.

1. Vocabulary questions:
a. Russian word - English synonym
Example: убить
(a) to hit (b)to be away (c) to kill (d) to hurt (e) to vanish

b. Pair of Russian synonyms in a group of Russian words or phrases
Example: (а) брать (b) брат (с) вязать (d) взять

Note: In finding the pair that are most alike in meaning, you must not be misled by similarities of sound or spelling. If you are in doubt but know the meaning of one or two of the words in the group, you may be able to find the correct pair by a process of intelligent elimination.

c. English word-Russian synonym
Example: color (а) свет (b) цвет (с) соловей (d) цветок (e) колоратура

d. One word in a group of four Russian words unrelated to the other three
Example: (а) яблоки (b) сливы (с) апельсины (d) облака

e. Russian word - Russian synonym
Example: утешить (а) устроить (b) играть (с) успокоить (d) страдать e) ехать потише

2. Vocabulary - reading questions:
a. Russian word - definition in Russian phrase
Example: грусть
(а) фруктовое дерево, на (b) передняя, верхняя котором растут груши часть тела (с) грубая материя для (d) человеческое чувство сумки печали
b. Choice of correct Russian word or expression that is used in a familiar situation described in Russian
Example: Когда идёт снег, мы можем
(а) плавать в озере (b) видеть зелёную траву (с) кататься на санках (d) купаться в море

3. Grammar and usage questions:
Fill in the correct word or phrase that completes a Russian sentence
Они могут продать свои билеты (to our neighbors)
(а) наших соседей (b) нашим соседям (с) нашему соседу (d) нашими соседями
(e) наши соседи

Note: You must be careful in this type of question to read all the choices and to observe even minute differences of detail before you indicate your correct choice.

4. Reading questions:
In this type of question yon are given a passage in Russian, followed by questions testing your knowledge of specific Russian words or phrases used in the selection and your understanding of the passage.

In taking this test, answer as many of the questions as you can. Work as rapidly as possible, but do not be careless. If you cannot answer a question after a reasonable effort, go on to the next one. Should you have time left after doing the last question, go back to the questions you omitted or wish to reconsider.
Do not "guess wildly" "Guess" only if you know that some of the choices are wrong and you have a "hunch"- some basis in your knowledge or experience-as to which one of the remaining choices is probably right.
Do not worry if you do not have time to answer all the questions in the time allowed, or you are unable to answer some of them. You are not expected to answer all questions correctly. Time: one hour (time yourself)

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