This section includes tutorial materials -- using all the multi-media capabilities at hand -- text, graphics, audio, etc. -- as well as image maps which could be used with audio material for vocabulary building.

A description and comparison of our different alphabets, of pronunciation, and of basic vocabulary would be an excellent start. An introduction to the Russian alphabet can already be found here. An introduction to basic Russian greetings and farewells is available here. More detailed 'courses' for language instruction could be created later.

The English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary and Thesaurus of Computer Terms is now available thanks to the efforts of Yury Avrutin and the permission of Eugene and Paul Druker.

Here is a beginning of a "Course of Russian Language in Picture" in which elements of a Russian schoolroom are described with pictures and witha ssociated audio examples of pronunciation (provided by Natasha). This is a good example of what could be done with a Russian language server (and with an English language server).

Richard Paine maintains his WWW server of Russian language articles many concerning current events and literary works in Russia. "The primary goal is to provide some realistic material to people studying Russian at a non-elemtary level. But no less important is to provide native speakers access to the material for its informational content."

Russian Tutor version 1.0. "The best and fastest way to learn Russian without going to class. For students, businesspeople and the entire family, this complete tutor teaches you to speak and read Russian quickly and easily. . . ."

Arizona Russian Abroad Language Programs for '96 offers "an outreach effort of the Department of Russian and Slavic Languages, acknowledged as one of the premiere Russian language training programs in the USA."

Michael Martin has created a series of pages called Foreign Languages for Travellers which give basic tutorials in several languages and is finishing up a page for Russian now too.

Russians: Learn English Fast includes files which make learning English easy for Russian speakers.

Jacek Iwanski has developed a Russian language tutorial program called Russian for Everyone. The use of this shareware program consists of 3 lessons which are split into two parts: text and excercises. This is a preliminary part in a series of interactive Russian language lessons for beginners and contains about 70 words, several elementary phrases and some very basic grammar. Be aware that this is very large (about 3M).

The Russian dictionary includes "a 60,270 word Russian-English-English Russian dictionary." Also, the Russian-English vocabulary trainer freeware includes a 6,000 word version.

One of the F&P subscribers, Edward Swank, has provided us with an excellent basic russian language tutorial program which covers the Russian alphabet, numbers, and some common nouns and verbs. It runs under MSDOS & requires VGA.

The Estonian-English dictionary contains over 17,000 words and was developed by Marek Tiits of the Institute of Baltic Studies.

George Fowler of Indiana University has put together an email address list of Slavic Linguists. This is helpful for those who wish to communicate with others who have a similiar interest or field of study. This list contains all levels of expertise or interest.

A server could be created similar to that done on the WWW with the 'Esperanto' language.

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