Energia Store Product List

These products are all official products of NPO Energia; all product designs have been approved by General Designer and General Director, Yuri P. Semenov. Copyrights 1994. All rights reserved.

Together, these items tell a segment of NPO Energia's story, as the world's first and Russia's foremost space organization.

NEW ITEM! MIR Space Station T-shirt Designed by artists at NPO Energia in Moscow, this unique 50-50% poly-cotton shirt features a drawing of the MIR 1 and a cosmonaut performing a space walk. The company's motto, Energia - the Key for Space Progress is printed on the back. Available in White, Gray, Blue and Black. Sizes: S,M,L, XL. $16.95 (s/h $3)

1. NPO Energia Mini Banner: SORRY SOLD OUT

Official NPO Energia reinforced cloth banner used as a decoration in our offices and production lines. The banner depicts our late founder Sergei P. Korolev with full name of NPO Energia below in Russian: Scientific Industrial Organization Energia named after Academician S.P. Korolev. Size 8 3/4 by 5 3/4. Back side has NPO Energia logo. $14.95 (s/h $3)

Mir Photos

Stunning and unique, high quality photos of the MIR 1, taken by cosmonauts.

2. Progress M-18 undocking from MIR 1. An Aviation Week and Space Technology cover photo and Aviation Week 1993 Editors Choice photo contest winner.

3. MIR 1 side view. Close-up taken from a Soyuz TM during a docking port change.

4. MIR 1 from above the Kvant II airlock. Taken from the Space Motorcycle Manned Maneuvering Unit.

Each photo $19.95 (s/h $2)

Photos of other space programs are also available.

Historic Photos

5. Great Designer Photo

NPO Energia standard issue photo of Great Designer Sergei P. Korolev, the General Designer of Sputnik 1 and a pioneer in manned space programs. This photo hangs in all the offices of senior NPO Energia officials. 8/12 by 11 black and white photo.

6. Yuri A.Gagarin Photo

Cosmonaut photo of the first human in space. 8 1/2 by 11 black and white photo.

Each photo $9.95 (s/h $2)

Space Medallions


Our commemorative medallions were previously reserved as gifts for important officials; now they are available to you in limited quantities.

7. Set of three Medallions

MIR-1 space station set of three metallic hand lacquered medallions depicting the MIR-1 space station, Progress-M and Soyuz TM spacecraft. The medallions also feature the NPO Energia logo on the back and are mounted on a felt covered board that is encased in a varnished wooden box.

8. Single Medallion

MIR-1 Pentagon medallion with NPO Energia red and blue logo on reverse side includes a plastic case.

9. NPO Energia Coffee Mug

An 11 ounce ceramic mug with the Energia logo and a brief history of NPO Energia printed on the back. $9.95 (s/h $3)

10. NPO Energia Baseball cap

Worn by our delegations. Ventilated back with adjustable tabs. $14.95 (s/h $3)

11. NPO Energia Sputnik T-Shirt

White western-style T-shirt with Sputnik logo on breast pocket, no more polyester jogging suits for us! Sizes: S, M, L, XL $16.95 (s/h $3)

12. Gagarin First Flight T-shirt and Shorts

Designed for the NPO Energia company soccer team, which competes against rival space organizations such as KB Salyut. The shirt extols Lets Go! in Russian and English, Gagarin's final statement before being launched into space. 50/50 poly-cotton blend shirt. Sizes: S, M, L, XL; Colors: White, Black, Gray. Shorts sold separately in S, M, L, XL $16.95 each for shirt and shorts; $29.95 for the set (s/h $3)

13. NPO Energia Mini Banner Calendars

Unique Russian banner calendars 19 3/4 by 6 inches wide. Months in Russian with national holidays each highlighted with an illustration of NPO Energia spacecraft. Previous years: 1992 Universal Space Platform, 1993 Mir with Kristall and Kvant II and 1994 Mir in final configuration. $19.95 (s/h $2)

Mir Calendar Posters

14. 1994/1995 NPO Energia Cosmos Calendar Now Available!

The Cosmos Calendar begins on April 12, 1994, the launch date of Yuri A. Gagarin. The poster calendar features a recent color photo of the Mir suitable for framing. l. $19.95 (s/h $3)

15. 1991 Poster shows MIR 1 with Kvant I, II and Kristall modules over a partly cloudy ocean. Two other types also available, one shows MIR 1 core with Kvant 1 module attached and the other features a picture of a cosmonaut in the Space Motorcycle and a series of smaller photographs of cosmonauts and the MIR 1. Limited quantity available. All print in Russian. $19.95 (s/h $3)

16. 1992 is a close-up side view of MIR 1 in orbit over a cloud-covered Earth. Limited quantity. 26 3/4 high by 35 inches wide. All print in Russian. $24.95 (s/h $3)

17. 1993-1994 Cosmos Calendar-the year begins on the launch date of Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space. The 23 by 36 1/4 inch poster is a stunning recent photo of the MIR 1 showing the Sofora truss and the underside of Kvant II and Krystall modules. All print in Russian. $19.95 (s/h $3)

Video Tapes

18. The First Man in Space (1961)

A Russian language narration of the first human space flight by Cosmonaut Yuri A. Gagarin. The video was assembled from actual NPO Energia archival footage. A key addition to any space collection, this tape includes camp news reels of Gagarin's hero's welcome in Soviet bloc nations after his historic flight. (21 Minutes) $19.95 (s/h $3)

19. MIR 1 above the Earth (1986)

Details in English the layout and capabilities of the MIR 1 space station core module. This documentary shows the integration of the MIR to the Proton launch vehicle and the first crew living and working aboard the MIR 1. (17 minutes) $19.95 (s/h $3)

20. APDS: an International Docking System (1989)

A chronology narrated in Russian showing the Androgynous Peripheral Docking System (APDS) development and testing. This is the docking system that will be used for the upcoming MIR-Shuttle dockings. (11 minutes) $19.95 (s/h $3)

Commemorative Pins

21. NPO Energia Sputnik pin.

Official logo of the Scientific Industrial Organization (NPO) Energia. The famous gold and red metallic pin depicts the world's first artificial satellite Sputnik 1S in a 51.6 degrees inclined orbit above the Earth. NPO Energia is also inset on the pin in Russian. Worn by all NPO Energia workers. $4.95 (s/h $2)

22. First Launch of Energia/Buran

A metal and printed glass pin commemorating the first successful November 19, 1988 launch of Energia/Buran from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The launch date and Baikonur appear in Russian. $7.95 (s/h $2)

23. Buran Landing

Same construction and style as the Energia/Buran pin. A commemorative pin of Buran first unmanned flight and successful return to Earth. $7.95 (s/h $2)

24. 30th Anniversary of Human Space flight

The 30th anniversary of the historic launch of Yuri Gagarin, the first human in space. This beautifully detailed pin is etched aluminum with a meticulously lacquered background. The pin is inscripted in Russian with 30th anniversary of the first human in space and date of Gagarin's launch beneath. $7.95 (s/h $2)

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